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Boots for way less burlington style for everyone i'm geoff genes that are next reported 451 on ten wins rings news time four forty two president trump's they have to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the jewish state this afternoon a decision that is likely to inflame tensions in israel and beyond more from corresponding soccer madani officials say the president will make the announcement wednesday when you'll also order the state department to start the multiyear process of moving the us embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv he pledged during the campaign to relocate the embassy but it won't happen immediately the officials say the recognition of jerusalem as the jewish state's capital listening knowledge amount of historical and current reality and not a political statement but it up ends decades of american policy and there is intense aaron muslim and european opposition to a move that risks potentially violent protests us consulate has ordered its personnel and their families do not conduct personal traveled to jerusalem's old city or the west bank due to fears of unrest over the announcement later today winds near san 443 an 18yearold student charged with raping a 16yearold student at a high school near union square the police say the rape occurred in a stairwell between the third and fourth floors the grammercy arts high school on irving place the victim is sixteen years old the alleged rapist is eighteen the police say they charge giovanni martin with first degree rate this student called the attack disgusting stuff like this happened at all more especially in an environment where is so learn now for you do like when things like that i should be done at all in general he and other students were angry that.

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