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Do you three tapes in a row words, this youth hugging Baluchi. So it's crazy. 'cause they have fantastic ideas and really well written jokes, and it's just like, men. Why are you wearing sandals and socks stage right now? And I saw a guy go onstage with a backpack on. Oh yeah, yeah. What what are we doing? I don't know. That's what I'm saying. There's no, they think, and here's the thing that they think there's something honorable to being like. It's my words that matter Sophie, through my words, it was like, well, okay, but nobody's gonna put you on TV so figured out how to get somewhere to the middle of that would be a great podcast. You going over submissions. Oh, my. Jamie flam. Yeah, yes. So he had a podcast right before dynasty typewriter open that he completely abandoned because he started venue and you know, he's one of those too many projects guys. I recorded a podcast with him. They was entirely about tapes like it was just about what makes it good tape in a bad tape where my worst horror stories are he never released. He just went, moved onto opening. Do you write him? Say, one of us has to get better. You're dead worked for Pablo Escobar my God. Yes. How great is that? Exciting. If you watch the show narcos you ever see that. Are you like ready know who? Well, so I started watching it with my mom and we watch three episodes and just we could not stop laughing at ho- bed. It was really. Yeah. No, it's really, really bad. What's bad about it's so bad in so many ways, Keith. Yeah. I know I know fucking meat for white people to love it. It's fucking terrible. It's true. It's okay. Is it because everything so simplified, let's with the number one film. Well, okay. I guess maybe I don't. I didn't follow the storyline line if bail them third episode. So I have no idea where they went with it. Okay. But the first thing was the fact that they recorded it in Spanish and put vitals that is some fucking manipulate white people. Shit. All right. Because what they were doing was playing for us into city being like we're gonna show you the authentic story in the language that it actually have accepted. None of the fucking actors Colombian. Okay. The guy that plane Pablo Escobar is Brazilian. Do you know what language Brazilian speak Portuguese. Okay. So now we got Brazilian mangle in Spanish, and I'm listening to this and it's like what? The who is this dude, the head Mexican. Cartel guy is very firm, famous, Puerto Rican actor, forget his name because I'm good with names, but he is from New York. He's like a Puerto Rican with a New York, and he doesn't speak Spanish. Literally, none of the actors had a Colombian accent until two two in when they get stopped by some cops at a roadblock. And then all the fucking cops had Colombian. It's like the first time that I'm hearing my comforting, you know, home accent and it's the cups. I felt so dirty is like, what the fuck. So if they actually were trying to make something authentic, they would have given a fuck about how it sounds to me. Imagine, I know you'll get imagine if you watch a movie about the civil war and all of the southern soldiers have an Australian accent and an English accent like, yeah, but they're speak English, so it's fine. Right. What the fucking talking about this horrible. Then there's just factual inaccuracies. There's just. Like all this stuff about his mom. Again, I only saw the first three about mom? Yeah. Yeah, because his mom was actually like middle class as close as you can get to middle class in Columbia, and she was very against everything that he did, and she didn't take money from him. And so I remember that there was a whole part of the beginning about how she would hide his money in her house under her couch cushions or something. And my mom was like that bitch hated him. What? Yeah. So we just couldn't handle it and it's not, you know, it's not interesting. It's glorified. Soprano shit for white people enjoy. Was there any accuracy? I didn't see it, but is there any accuracy? No, not all. Marcos. Never heard any of that story. Now, what is your, what did your dad do for Pablo. Well, I told the whole story on our Asia fears podcast. If anybody's interested in trying to be like trying to move on with well, not move on..

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