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Please take advantage of what did dean is often seen it means fundamental tea who whose entering into retirement did you have a good understanding as day interview recently for morningstar and in it he made this statement and i absolutely love he goes required minimum distribution is the government we're sick and tired of which are you to drop dead we want our money back and so therefore here's the deal you got the tax deduction you got the tax deferral now it's time to pay the tax right and as we hear about you know that it should put a drag but let me put it this because we are a financial planning practice because we understand debt social security taxes and required minimum bution are such as chart of the entire retirement plan it is absolutely necessary that you understand the rules that are fitted with it when we create spreadsheets and we look at how income is being distributed let's say from aid 62 just to pull a day job and we look all the way to you and a half day when as ed said the government entire to web for you they want some taxes and hits at that time frame is very very easily throw you into a higher tax bracket and you would maintain that higher tax bracket for the.

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