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John Landeck. Er Oh, got any other Keep imitation. The ripoffs. John. Let Becker Animal house so many flying animals in the house. It's a multi story building. Animals at the Brookfield Zoo are getting vaccinated against Covid 19. Doctor, Doctor, Maybe the news. I gotta bad case loving You and Lincoln Park Zoo also has plans to vaccinate. Well, they know Yeah, because you know all of their regular covid 19. Vaccination stuff is being used by humans. It's a swap. The humans will take the horse. Whatever that crap is called that people are injecting in themselves. Some people and we'll leave the actually. What? Covid 19 vaccination to the animals. They got it all worked out. Man. Uh huh. A California man who evacuated his home due to a wildfire said his security camera alerted him to an unusual trespasser taking advantage of a vacant area. Curious bear Now the thing we have lots of stories. About bears walking here bears walking there, but this is slightly different. He wasn't home. Michael Doyle, the owner and his wife were in South Lake Tahoe. He received an alert on his smartphone app from his security camera. How'd you like that? Bear necessities? Uh, bare necessities wouldn't Hey, I'm on vacation. Look at that. Oh, my God. There's a bear. Uh, I think my Amazon packages here. Good. It's the bear. I ordered. Uh, he said, it doesn't appear that the beer got into his house, but he won't be sure. Until he gets home. And now we have a very nice heartwarming story. If you judge the city's heart by how much they're willing to go the extra mile even for it's non human citizens. Arlington, Texas recently proved That they are really bigger. Than the long Star State. Zoe, a 15 year old death lab mix wandered away from her home. And practically the whole community turned out to help find her. Search is reported hearing dog sounds that were But were unable to figure out where they were coming from. And eventually, a water department camera was set up to monitor And find Zoey's condition in a tunnel. Yeah, it did. And it wasn't hurt. Herculean effort to the fire department. The police, the paramedics, the city workers, they did the rescue They use Jack hammers, saws, heavy equipment. Crews working tirelessly in extreme heat for 10 hours. And they got that little dog out of their their dogs Must have been barking after that. That's right. 11 hours. That's right, 11 hours 11 hours. That was Zoe. Adorable footage shows the moment a family of ducks checked out the university library after they waddled in off the street way. Yeah. You know that guy's got a bad attitude. You know that if you're is that anything, you want to just slap him around the leather's. I think it's because he doesn't wear pants. Um More than likely. Okay, So the mother there's a mother and her five ducklings. Stunned the staff and students when they wandered through an open door. At the University of Nottingham's George Green Library. Emma Holford, boozy from University of Nottingham Library said. It has been a very hot week, so we had left our doors open for some extra air movement. The next came in and quote unquote walked around our atrium for a while, Mom and first and ducklings in the line behind. Mom was totally common. Unflustered. Yeah. Press you, my friend. That's not disco duck is that it is a man. Um.

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