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And when i say friends team. I mean some actress from csi and you know. They took some samples but he didn't take that much took a few of my wife's designer purses it went right to the bedroom. He was in and out pretty quick. Didn't go too much of the house into the master into the walking got some of the purses wanted to my side the smaller closet and he got some just a few of my watches. Have a rolex watch but it was. My father's that i gave my father arrived in the back and a watch that lorne michaels gave me when i left. Snl you know after nine years old and the the most important took was An earned that gary shellings ashes in it were only neck. So i said to the congress how do you like. Do you call the pawnshops to try to find on craigslist ebay. Yup and And there's another one too. I forget the name of it. It's like something like come off or something actually us and but say do you have garry. Shandling down there. Gary shanley's ashes and the weird thing about those ashes was he gave them to me before he died. And that crazy. I remember At your birthday party member yes. That's you had a big birthday party garry. Shandling gave me the most. I mean i obviously am just a fan. And he's a you know just a legend To me but he said something to me once that he just the way he said it how he said it. I i would not no one else. If anyone else had said. I would not have listened. And i was up you know. I'm always working working work. Like i think he's just to worker fucking awesome all the time. I was what you are. The hardest working comedian actor kind. But i do have to give yourself a break. That's what i mean is what we go on vacation ever. Just sit on the beach. i haven't. I'm not ski. No no no no. Where do you do what you do now occasion. I have gone on vacations before but my vacations. I always feel like when you go with a guy. You're just like fighting in front. Or i guess i heard my thing is instead of doing one big vacation big vacations or stressful to me. Because then you come back and you have a million emails and then you have to take a vacation remove vacation. You're on the flight and that that that and you lose your luggage. I like to little mini vacation. Yeah when now..

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