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But what he does best. I love is Russia's eat maximize link every single ramp. Whether it's a long arm to the chest, high just kinda rotates his body, which just one arm even when he full Russia's guys. He just gets his arms out quickly and get some all out there. So he doesn't have the longest arms, but he plays the longest out of anybody out there right now. And he was just killing it all. Long from inside outside. And he's not the most explosive or dynamic pass rush. You're going to see. So you're not going to line them up at Diene expect a double digit sack you're out of him. But as a strong defensive end guy that sometimes kicks inside he plays with good power good pad level, and I'm really excited to get back into his tape. Once I can find more of it. These cute really surprised me out here. Just the way he was able to use his hands consistently. It gets very good offense group family go on the offense of life because that's a guy that you know, Matty, really kind of put me onto. Days to Doggett tackles Mulas ac- six three six four under three hundred pounds. And I really didn't have any expectations for him coming into this week but his feet or faint tastic is used as link extremely well. And I thought he was probably one of if not the best past walkers in this entire room. Just really impressed by him. I kinda came out overnight. I haven't watched any of his just really just came onto the scene wasn't really even getting a ton of out here. But man, I think he's made himself a wad of money. Let's go ahead. And has this question who has been the most disappointing player for you this? Well, for me, it's very easy because I put my name on this kid now, I'm two to three days ago. We're doing our initial Germain Pratt out of NC state. The linebacker and probably the worst week of eighty buddy here. What one of them that's for certain. There was a lot of high-ups. He was a potential top one hundred player while kid safety convert down to linebacker here. But my goodness key could not be more rigid in his turns. He could not be worse flowing to the playing and not be worse in coverage. Looked like a guy that had never played linebacker before completely different than what we saw on tape at NC state. He just looked so awful this week. He was about matched even almost universally allies backer that was here this week. So that was really disappointing for me to see because I was excited about his potential coming into this week. Yeah. For me. I think it's Andy Isabella just. He's. He's he's not good. No. That's actually, that's the guy that I think was the biggest disappointment some me, and I wasn't really expecting a lot out of him anyways. But he just was really bad was Jalen Smith receiver on a Louisville. He just I don't know. He just didn't really do anything. Good. You look like you. He Kana looked like he was out of shape. I knew us at bigger guy. But he being bigger guy. It wasn't it. Didn't look like Goodway in that kind of started early on the way the second day. We didn't get to go to the practice. So we got these practice reports from one of the media personnel. And this guy threw such heavy shade at Jaylen Smith, he said, you know, obviously, it was thundering out really loudly while they practice, and he goes at one point we didn't know if it was the thunder coming from outside or the ball bouncing off and Smith's chess. So that was that was just kind of how his week win. And he's a guy that I think he probably went from a day three pig to maybe not even being someone. I would I would even wanna draft. So he he had a rough week. He was disappointing. So yeah, I'm gonna go with jail. Mr. Jalen thunderclaps Smith from Louisville. I have a few guys bit one this time..

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