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Coffee ready for the show staying awake keeping them on so late bedtime guy. Time changes make things weird. I guess that's what it was then. So sixty seven and we've got a lot to well. Maybe not super bunch talk about but enough for the three of us together about I think how about how about you start tonight today. Well last time. I kind of alluded to a long term goal and hit that goal We recently won one one hundred cycles in our cell. So that's two years of beating the frogs and so we thought we'd celebrate that with one hundred layer bigger up so he did one hundred layers for one hundred cycles at one hundred hours so one hundred hours after winning one hundred cycles we through through one hundred seven layers over our cell which was really interesting because we did it backwards we only had like five anchors in spots I went to anchor number four and it was gone twenty four hours before the they removed it. It was a fire station so we were scrambling to get to one hundred but we we hit a hundred and seven so level fifteen during the up so every time three days after our last show and then I just just recently went to a a first. Saturday did a little wind trading. I mean a little bit of plain so bracket in about two hundred eighty five K.. So that was triple P.. So probably that'll be no eight hundred and eighty some once they triple add up so little boost to get me to sixteen. I don't think I'm going to beat you guys at all but I don't know because he this is. This is like the hot topic. I think we could start selling tickets to this. How far is Gooney Guy Office sixteen? I'm I'm too far. I'm about a million put a number on it in one on. I won't one point one million. Yeah Sixteen I just hit fifteen at the November number I F S am pretty certain you could get a million before I can manage to get like the fifteen point eight that I still need to get. AH TO GET FOLKS team. Hopefully but I don't know so sounds like the real race is going to be between me in vain I mean. That's you know he he should be able to a million maybe we have agents stats now. with Oliver Scores on it so we can keep track there and see how we do. Yep If you WanNa get you can we can give you that happen or the that Lincoln the show notes and see where you end up and then if you on both beat me then I'll just have to cancel my account and obviously I'm not playing anymore. Why I just signed up to the group? It really was that easy We'll start crying because I hadn't really used agent stance for probably like since I really started using prime because it at the beginning it was not. I don't think it worked or something are uh-huh maybe they've tried at the beginning. I don't think they have the copy working for a while but now yeah. So you're telling me hey you know you haven't done your stats so go do it. And I just You know went and hit the copy button and then opened up agent staffed and immediately asked. Hey you have this on your copy board. Are Your clipboard. You Want To you know upload slowed it and I was like yes. Let's do it and you're even like oh I guess you just updated because it's now new and there I was I was really close to them. And then all of a sudden dislike I just dropped so. That's okay well. If you're if you're trying to catch up with Intel OPS CBS. He might have difficulty with that because the board on that one. Yeah you are. I The only thing that I'm leading if I juggle a the ball I think for the last month I was leading for eliminator but I really had to work to get me to the top. You guys near the top for a couple of other things so the top for what were you. I mean. I've got thoughts but no one else really has stuff out some words so this really count. It does count. He's just like he's got. He's got him for recruiter. You know that's GonNa be hard to pass at my five recruits roots. I think was one of those so thank yes yeah no. That's that's I mean recruiters not coming back. If he's from always heard on the forms Ormes at least an as Kurt duration. So maybe eventually like locked badge will go way. That'd be nice should someone. Wow someone should poke Andrew. Oh and say. Hey maybe I should be funny to see like what are the totals on that for recruiter like do do how many people have onyx recruiter. There are people that do only have it. Don't really know what the numbers are. I think through agents stats. You can't look at just global for anybody that's uploaded for different things so you can probably ground and find that but there are some people that took that very seriously as a. I'm going get the Sonics. Oh really own it but don't know if there's anyone out there that would have it refers to if you say something. Tell us Tros some screen shots and I'm thinking we're gonNA maybe future shows. We may have agent of the week will pick out a stack. See who's the top so gets more people in age stats. And who knows. Maybe you'll be the top. It's agent Dewey Jay again. Yeah clearing you're going to quit picking the winner of this each. It took me an hour to figure this out but I remember one for again Our we're going to have fun during double A.. P. Yeah so yeah and that starts soon. I guess we'll talk about that in a situation Jason Report. What else y'all have going on? I didn't really have much going on this week. Just just working stuff I have been trying to Get more. AP Heat two. I wanted to get sixteen before the double. AP Event and I don't think that's going to happen. But I'm GonNa you see how close they can get to it and looks like yeah you get a push that button. Yes so you are going corner occurs if you can get it. I just can't really see why not. Yeah like that's a good reason or rush that but it's going to suck but it only have time to get you know some some some levels right. We had a guy that he figured out that he wanted to the recurs and he did it just before first Saturday so he got the double a. b. he and he could really rack up all the points real quick so I think he job six levels in like two hours. Of course he went from one to you. You wanted to seven and if you're going to do that make sure you do it a couple of days before he was like oh I got to go over and over so yeah he timed it just right now to see if I can get the score. Can I get it right at forty million alien like forty million in one recurs linked. So it's just like Riley a million recurs right You know you don't get a p furry cursing but I mean you get the get the badge the wings and in any of your metals that are double onyx or more you get the multiplier on so any time that you look at an agent now or prime crime only for the scanner. You're GONNA see the little recurs wings next to their agent name and then you'll see the wings on any of their badges that are cursed sleet and then it's going to be hard to see like how how they're going to add in more levels later on because it's like do they just go off total. AP which I seem they would have to versus you know ric IRST AP and then to those is levels at into the whole recurs recurs recurs stats. Diana doesn't like they usually do. They're just going to say starting now. And then you go from there so the way it would like to to see it like just going off of his speculation side is if there are going to be any additional the levels that they take recurs in as a factor. So if you want to hit like a level seventeen you've gotTA rehearse once get back up to sixteen eighteen and it has some other badge requirement plus the recurs in badge to hit at X. level. And then if you want you can recur to that point or you can just keep going and just have the benefits stack that way. There's always some incentive to keep going and striving for something higher because you know we're all hopeless addicts so no grants but need more a team personal. So what else. What else have you been up to bang? Looks like he's been busy. Yes yes he gets ahead a couple of things on the list a few just the future things so I think my one follow up item that I had from the previous show was the late that I attended in sleepy hollow New York back on in October twenty sixth so did survive. I'm still here. This senior. Lacrima body survived that and specific. So we're doing good so far it. It definitely was a mental thing for me I think towards the end of the event there when we're getting the patches I'm like okay. I need to sign up for the next thing and go for go rock tough and segue into that. We also have a agent that just completed a there. I go rogue tough yesterday. ASSUME YOU EA- shoutout to to her joining the garage. RT's as a you know ingress Gret so our community is is continuously growing and now just a shout out to her for completing completing her first tough event as well. And I think yeah for Saturday ended up racking in just shy of four hundred thousand I got I think. Three hundred sixty four K. A. P. Swim triple culture that that'll be nice In going in I've got a lot of notes on here for the test solution for those. That weren't aware on Saturday. So yesterday Philadelphia had a competition for the HELVETICA test. Right and Stuart Lightner those of you that are in operation. Essex should know that name those of you that are not Stewart Lightner is one of the wonderful folks that had been working with nemesis a little bit in the past but currently appears to be doing a little bit of freelance work quote unquote stealing the test. Ray Pieces in trying to give them to the agents. It's to assist their factions if they can gain them in the Tesla so stewart was in the city of Philadelphia yesterday with with a tester up and first agent to find him was awarded that test..

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