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Takes dini should you're destination for get you ten gear fruit fission it looks more like a remote foreign amazon arapoff screaming tv blocks with the folks at logitech have built a sleek new remote for presentations with lots of useful functions it's called the spotlight global communications coordinator stephen macular and software allows you to do things like highlight and magnify onscreen in a way that both your remote viewers and you're in high spirits we'll be able to see is post to say a laser pointer which you can only use in the room that you're in it also will do things like allow you to cursor control to play videos raising lower your volume directly from your presenter it has a lot of features that address people's main concerns they can just focus on their presentation and not on all the technology surrounding it the spotlight also can be sent to vibrate when the time for your presentation is up here here the price under one hundred twenty dollars you can find us at text and nation dot com i'm christian now this we've been telling you about the great products and great people at sea crane for years and the lineup just keeps getting better the c c wifi radio is a personal favorite that let you tune in to radio stations from all around the world via the internet more than sixteen thousand at all when the weather turns nasty the c lantern will light the way with led bulbs and never run out of power you can charge it up for many usb source or the twelve old suck at your car or you can simply grabbed the hand crank on top and wind need an even more powerful solution the c c led spot x be runs on standard batteries and puts out nearly the equivalent of a one hundred what lightbulb you'll find those bright ideas and a lot more to like by clicking on the link to seek rain at text the nation dot com put in the code text a nation for free flashlight with your order.

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