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A lot about the you'll elliot situation in his suspension there's another character involved in this saga his name's jerry jones he owns the dallas cowboys last monti seemed pretty confident about you know zeke potentially plane let's hear his words about what he anticipated or did i don't wanna be too pro active about how i feel because that's not going to make any difference here i heard all what i don't wanna do is heard things for that and so that's that's that all i have made my comments by stone is all knowledge so when hussain there's no the myth as we at the other thing you can say it is not enough that there was not who not anticipate a suspension housing last week jerry jones clearly he was wrong about that who before when they open training camp jones said i have reviewed everything and there is absolutely nothing not one thing that had anything to do with domestic violence and he went on to say my opinion is there is not even an issue over he says she said there is not even an issue there i mean look at them in a laugh but in the face of everything we just saw come out from the nfl that was obviously a bald faced lies like i don't know how you can square saying that none of it was about domestic violence if the entirety of the issue was about that in the independent investigators said as much i mean that is literally just turning a blind eye or being wilfully ignorant of what actually went down or didn't go down but come on this investigation is thorough my guy this is not happen in a way that one could not say was transparent could say was not transparent i don't know that i've seen as much discussion around day domestic violence case in the nfl pretty much ever but hurry that led a lot to say so have you jerry jones at this point you know i look i don't want to say that he's intentionally being dishonest i don't know that maybe when he was in oxide when training camp first opened there were things he didn't know but when he comes back last week and says i don't anticipate a suspension well here at home in a.

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