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John monday. Glad to have you along for the ride. Appreciate you stopping by. Carey lucky worked at her face off. Get more information, which Houston, we'll get an update the second. Question that I asked on Twitter moments ago was will I really were a make-america-great-again hat on television. You'll see. Also bottle desire. It's going to be Debbie desouza. He's a movie producer great singer originally from Venezuela. Yes. Mary to Sousa. Insight into what's happening at her for country. We'll talk about that too. The breaking news. The the developing story all of that right now is what's happening in in Houston, Texas. We have reports of a bunch of police officers serving a warrant or trying to anyway. And then all hell broke loose caregivers. The latest from ABC thirteen five Houston. Police. Officers have been shot in southeast Houston. The officers reportedly serving a narcotics warrant details are coming in. I witness news. But we are learning to suspects are dead at the scene Houston. Police confirmed five officers were hit lifeline was called the scene. All the officers have been taken to memorial Hermann hospital and Ben Taub hospital and the incident happened late Monday afternoon in the seventy eight hundred block of Harding in southeast Houston. Harris County sheriff's deputies and ATF agents are assisting at the scene. A perimeter has been set up for a possible. Third suspect on the loose. Governor abbots has released a statement, quote, this evening's horrific attack on police officers is a solemn reminder of the service and sacrifice. Our brave men and women in law enforcement make every day to keep us safe. The city of Houston and the Houston police department, we'll have whatever state resources they need to bring swift Justice to those involved. I ask all Texans to join Cecilia Indian praying for the officers injured and for the continued safety of all law enforcement officers who protect our communities. Blue lives matter for sure and in. Yes, thinking about and praying for the officers involved there, and again, I mean, it goes without mentioning really. But then we don't we don't think about it that police officers every single day, they shoot up let go home. And they're willing to put that sacrifice on the line. Generally, speaking, a guy who does what I do. I would go ahead and go home, and you know, what most of us do go to work and go home. Let me sadly, accidents happen. But this is I'm going to put my life on the line for the community today. And now we see five police officers five more in the hospital. We'll find other conditions as soon as we get them. I've got a text into chief. Art Esa veto. But he's a very busy guy right now, obviously dealing with what's going on there. So we'll we'll circle back to that. In a moment. I wanted to. And I said this on Twitter I've had a make-america-great-again hat for a long time. I think I got it for my birthday last year. My birthday's in August Melito s if you couldn't tell that you couldn't talk. Oh, but I certainly haven't worn it out and he works. I'm going to go eat some Chinese buffet. It's going to be hard time. But I openly admit that I fall in for the crap that's left is put on us in this country before I do that. Let me just remind you that Newsmax has another poll out will add that to a well, they pull the Joe pags show poll as well. This about a Howard Schultz into the former CEO over at Starbucks. He's decided he's going to run for president President Trump making fun of him. I think he tweeted about him earlier. Well, there's a simple question this poll HD think Howard Schultz should run for president. It's easy. Just text the word poll PO L two nine five five seven seven again. P O L L two nine five five seven seven. You'll get a link back to take the poll, and we'll update you on the poll numbers as as the show goes on, and they'll do it throughout the day a Newsmax TV, but I haven't worn this make-america-great-again hat because I fallen for it. I have been fair game internet wearing the hat. Now. These young men last week that wore the hat in Washington showed a lot of of inner fortitude, just a hat. You wouldn't think that it would be courageous or brave to wear a hat. But if you wear the hat. People have actually used the word triggered triggered would you wear the hat. So the phone lines are are closed right now. There's one guy from Minnesota that we'll get to. I wouldn't hang up. Closed similar to open the phone lines. And I just want people's reaction to knee wearing this had the red one white one. I got a big ass head to. Make America great again. Just wondering what what exactly does this make you feel like what exactly is it? That's happening within you and your mind in your heart, and your soul, your emotions what's happened. When you see this ad. What do you do by the way carry to white hats, clearly racist? How do you get the red one on the white hat with the blue writing unless you're with the blue writing? But the blue writing Shirley is is Ethnos century against somebody the blue people so wearing the hat. It's white. I would like to see America. Great again. Yes, America has been great. It hasn't been great for awhile. I happy to mix that up with you. But if I didn't say a word, I just stood here. It looked at you. Well, my hat on what's going on inside. What do you think this bother you? If it does plane yourself, tell me what to do because this has been potentially in the last seventy years, the biggest duping people not only this country, but across the world. That we've seen people have been duped. If you immediately think negative or racism or filling the of phobia when you see me wear this hat. You're the problem. It's a freaking hat suggesting that our country should be great. Why don't you want the country to be great? What is it? You're seeing here. What what assumptions would you make had you not known who? I was if you weren't watching. My you saw me walking down the road. Me the Chinese buffet so many working out with the head on what assumptions would you make? Yourself a simple question. Why why are you making that assumption? What do you feel that way? You weren't born thinking make America great, again was a racist thing to say, you weren't born thinking a guy wearing his hat was somehow racist or misogynist, homophobic, islamophobic. You weren't you've been conditioned and you fell for it. Why what is it about this half that you think, you know, what is it about this hat that it represents that has you seeing red right now or seeing some other color who knows? What is it that makes you want to punch me when you see this Aetna? Carey was supposed to be every day. Anyway. So carry this now. Yes, exactly. So we already know that Caroline's puffy 'cause I exist, but defected wearing this most days three to five is that when you see me wearing the hat would is it. That's why are you sweating more? Why why is your face flush? Why are you Fisk lynching? Why is it make you understand my hat? Didn't do that to you. Nature. Didn't do that to you. It's a learned response is conditioned. People have been telling you now for three or four years that this hatchet make you feel a certain kind of way. And a response you do. And if you don't feel that way when you see the make-america-great-again hat you like me. Are apprehensive. You're scared to where it how weird is that? Dude. You had the one teenagers were an economic greater good hack was accosted in a water burger, Texas, the guy who did it is facing some serious charges. But it's true. The kids in Washington that were fighting for life marching for life. Were painted as the devil. Until video came out. Thank God proving that they were the peacemakers and they did nothing wrong. In fact, they're the victims. But there are some of you right now. That are looking at me, going Iraqi watches county more. He's not. Fabric. It's actually kind of comfortable. Can I be on Kerry? Kennedy, honest, please. Rocking the hat. Can't see I'm sure that you are mad at the screen shot and post this on the Instagram's may in fact, what I'll do because this I think is really good TV and the folks that Newsmax love what I do crap like this. I'm going to go ahead and get it. That's a good shot there. Let me get the Joe pags leave behind me. Oh, yeah. We're gonna post Instagram during the break. So go to Joe talk show needs to ask. Joe talk show. I'll want to know what this makes you feel like why it makes you feel like this. And do you realize that you're but a victim? Of the media legacy media of academia. Carry their teaching classes about why make America great again is racist. You realize that right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Big Hollywood, big sports big music. You have been conditioned to believe while they're all saying that it must be true. Well, let me ask you something really dumb. If I looked up at the sky, it was a beautiful blue sky day. And I said it is fluorescent green. And then a million more people said the same thing, would you change your mind and say, well, it must be fluorescent green. Or would you look at it and say, you people are on crack, man. It's blue. Simple question. Be funny. If I took the head off now what my here, it'd be done. Oh, yeah. Please. Do probably will still be in place say it's eight eight eight nine four one eight nine four one seven two four seven. We'd take it up. Every hair is perfectly perfectly. All right. We gotta take a quick break. Here. Your thoughts on what I just said. When we come back. I really want to know a couple of things how exactly did you feel what you saw me wearing the hat and the second question has to be why do you feel that way? Did you come up with it on your own or have you been listening to all the outside noise? Joepags coming right back. Stay here..

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