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South Florida's first news with Jimmy Stuff, Alo weekday morning, said six Ryan Gorman in for Jimmy Cephalonia here on South Florida's first news. Joining us now live from the White House. We have ABC news correspondent Karen Travers, who can follow on Twitter at Karen Travers and Karen. Thanks so much for being with us this morning, so President Biden, he is taking his message to the road. He's gonna attempt to sell his big infrastructure, Pat Could Jews out across the country. What can you tell us about that? The president. Yesterday was in Georgia. It was gay 100. So he finished that speech on Wednesday night at the Capitol and hit the road quickly heading to Georgia yesterday for a long day of events firsthand that visit with the Carters in Plains, Georgia, But the purpose of the trip was actually to go and do a car rally a political event put on by the DNC to celebrate 100 days It was a chance to do a couple of things. One push the $2.3 Trillion infrastructure proposal, which the president is asking. Lawmakers to send him a text of legislation by Memorial Day. But we're about 3.5 weeks or four weeks away from that. At this point. The other thing was Theo congratulate, saying Georgia as he put it for not just sending him to the White House. He clipped Georgia Blue last November. But remember Georgia, of course, won the two Democratic Senate runoff races in January. Democrats pick them both of those seats. And you know, it's hard to overstate what a different conversation and narrative we would be having today on day 100. One of the Biden administration had they, not one. Both of those seats that gave the Democrats said Slim, Slim 50 50 majority in the Senate, with, of course, the vice president casting the tie breaking vote, and that's how the Cook in relief package got across the finish line. That's why the president can propose an infrastructure plan that cost $2.3 trillion and have a chance maybe of getting it also across the finish line, So he was there to thank Georgia and also continue with that sales pitch. Continues today with the trip to still Adelphia. Now we saw this on the president's schedule, and it's the same way lasted this thing. Did he planned this himself, like Is this something president pitched Because he's going up to Philadelphia today to mark the 50th anniversary of Amtrak? We all know much Joe Biden loves trains. He earned that nickname of Amtrak Joe after spending 36 years in the Senate, taking the train back and forth every day from Wilmington to Washington so he could do with the family back home. He loves trains. And today there will be a big event at Philadelphia's 30th Street station. You haven't been there. It's a beautiful old old train station kind of iconic big feelings, and this is another chance to talk about infrastructure because that $2.3 trillion plan includes an $8 billion investment in Amtrak. And I'm wondering when the White House first unveiled their first part of their infrastructure, playing the American jobs plan. They detailed how each state could benefit from it. And is that part of this trip to is that part of the strategy behind these these different visits to different states to really sell those states and get that local media coverage? What will benefit those states in this in this mass? The federal plant. Absolutely. And you know, the White House really looked at this as a very hyper local story, and we've seen their efforts, You know, obviously they're saying a message to the White House Press corps and national reporters, but they're really focusing this sales pitch at the local level, saying If this passes your highway overpass couldn't get fixed. If this passes this bridge can get built or repaired because this is real money. If this gets across the finish line, it's real money that matters. Local communities, and the White House is trying to drum up support at the local level, you know, and bipartisanship that elusive concept in Washington. It's not clear they can get bipartisan support as the plan stands right now, But the White House will say we heard the deputy press secretary. She told us this on Air Force one yesterday that you know, polls show these things have bipartisan support..

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