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In a micro skopje quay every you're you're losing cells and and new cells are coming in you're losing and and shedding cells and new ones including bone including everything that's it's pretty frequently were so we're constantly producing new cells therefore we need stem cells and so if we're an alcoholic it'll actually retard the growth of our new cells or or damage them in some way and that makes sense i mean you bossi now kahal ix who looked ten years older than the riley all right i mean four thirty or thirty they don't have those stem cells enters date to constantly replace those of the damaged cells nicole speaking of stem cells you had a comment go ahead i have a question about himself yes well my husband had a bmt about fifteen years ago the bmt marrow transplant okay and what did he have leukemia he debt okay had m a l l b he had problem since then problems with a hand teeth had issues with the knee can benefit from this would he be a candidate you would shy away from this because of the growth factors well in coal against the good news is that i think that there is no issues but the prior leukemia i i'll really okay having said that not much is known about using uh stem cells from above mira transplant but i have reason why it wouldn't be something to do but you just need to recognize that this is obviously a very unusual scenario is bone marrow matched like blood is so it could you theoretically have a donor yeah allowed in the state brought someone who was compatible with me blood wise could they donate their stem cells a little bit more complex now but yes there are stem cell uh donors that me that theoretically could.

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