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Boyfriends, girlfriends. But if you queue up correctly You will be heard on the 50,000 powerful watch of shot. Let's go to Vivian Perched up in the queue in Brooklyn. Your turn to be heard he had w A B C. Vivian. Hi, Kurt. If she wanted to know what he be G B means it means the jitters the creeps. Feeling of uneasiness. It is not an anti Semitic phrase. I have no idea where that lady got her definition from the floor. Wow, I'm glad to know that because then I would have had to wear the scarlet letter of being an anti Semite. As I do. You said term anyway, Let's go to Gracie in Rocklin County. Your turn to be hurt. He had w. ABC. Gracie Thank you, businessman Donald Trump forgetting the acts of the vaccine, vaccinate the vaccine made an hour so fixed. Scientists would still be mixing draw chemicals and the politicians would still be discussing which company to use, Remember? Uh, Jennifer, you gotta tell Grace she you know she's got a kid it out. Get it all out in one blast. Let's see. A Fallston can do better in Newark, Your turn to be heard here. W A B So yes, Fallston. Yes. Hello? Paul Stine. Yes, False then. 11 12 13 14 15. Shari, you slow, you blow. Let's go to Dennis, who's calling from New Jersey? Welcome to WBC, Dennis. Hello, Dennis. We're having some problems with disqualification. Let's see Broots. See if you can point it towards 107.9 Rfm affiliate. Maybe clashing with us the describe defecated. Make sure that w A B C. The 50,000 powerful Watts of sound is Clear and Sous Inc Let's go to Dan was calling from New York. Welcome to the rapid fire addition here. W A. B C then We're having some technological problems. See if we can get an engineer in here. L rapido to see what the problem is on the board. Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. Maia, Copa Maia Maxima, Copa! Bear with us. As you know, our owner operator John Catsimatidis has purchased an FM station out on the south end of Long Island. On. Maybe that is interfering with us as we speak. Let's let's try to Ah, Larry, who is calling from Brooklyn, your turn to be heard here. W A. B C. Larry Larry is having a problem getting through on our disqualification. Er, uh, let's see if we can go to Frank, who is calling from the Upper West Side. Your turn to be heard here at W A. B. C. Frank No, we'll We'll re engage will do a reorientation here. We will come back. In fact, I have some business to attend to that I wasn't able to do right before that so Let's see if while I am taking care Of Ah, valuable advertises if our engineers can get it all together. Aziz. You know, we are 19.5 years after The attack and 9 11. And we have the house of fraud. The Saudis who to this day say that they had no input on it whatsoever. In fact, they claim that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda even though most of the members of Al Qaeda were from Saudi Arabia, they were out of sight. Out of mind. They lie. They continue to live this no doubt about it. But the ramifications of what has happened in the aftermath of 9/11 still with us 19.5 years later. People continue to get ill continue to have respiratory problems. Thyroid issues cancer related issues. And for some of these folks, they're all over the country now, because it's not just the first responders. It's people who went to school in the area worked in the area lived in the area, and they were told by Christine Todd Witless that failed governor of New Jersey who obviously was a prime example of the Peter principle fails. Governor and Bush 43 kicked or upstairs and she failed. The G P A chief this As she told everyone. Don't worry about it. There are no toxins in the air. People were begging first responders. Shouldn't we have club shitting? We have man. Shouldn't we have respirators? HAZ mat suits? You don't need it. Oh, boy, did they And people continue to dying. People continue to get seriously ill in as you know, they re nourished the trough of money in the 9 11 Victims Compensation fund so there for those of you who are eligible Money is still there. The person to go to to see him. In fact, you're eligible is attorney know Konchalovsky. Why? Because he already helped thousands of families who are recovering over a billion dollars on their behalf. So if you know of somebody, or you yourself of all of a sudden Gotten hit with all of these mental can conditions that can directly be traced to the fall out of 9 11. You gotta give Noah could slap scale call the triple A 2464799. That's triple a 2464799. Well go on. Then No one could she love ski website, which is 9 11. Cancer info dot com. But it's numerical 911 can say info dot com That's numerical 911 cancer info dot com. Let's see if we go back to the phones have to disqualification. ER is in complete repair. It is Peter, who is calling from Queens. Welcome to the rapid fire. Additional WNBC, Peter. Let's face it. It is not operating So why don't we take a quick break here? Give everyone an opportunity to re cue up. We've got other elements of the show that we will get into an inn for any reason we cannot continue with the rapid fire edition. We certainly will continue to have talk radio. He had 77 a M. W ABC entertaining and.

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