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White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows, he told Fox and friends they may have to send more federal officers back to Portland, Oregon. Protest last night got tense again. Police declared a right now the president just tweeted if you can protest in person you convert in person. He swore it expanded mail in voting really widespread fraud, His critics say. That's rare. The Trump campaign just soon New Jersey, trying to block ballots sent to all voters. Now George Floyd's death sparked all the anti police protest. One of the now ex cops charged in Minneapolis is fighting back boxes. Jeff Man also has more lives. Dave George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl, while resisting arrest in charges should be dropped that motion from the attorney of former officer Thomas Lane, one of three former Minneapolis cops charged with aiding them. Betting, second degree murder and manslaughter. The hand please. Now late, was the first officer to approach Floyd after he allegedly past fake money in late May. The quarter's office also felt methamphetamine in Floyd's system. The next hearing is set for September. 11th 1/4 officer how facing murder charges State Have smoke hangs over San Francisco, like a fog blanket is some 30 wildfires burning Northern California, prompting thousands of people to evacuate Americans listening to Fox News News time 902 Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by soda Weight loss. House Speaker Dennis Bond until scale BJs Todd and Don state lawmakers are considering a number of ideas or dissuading cities from de funding police. Bonnin says The ideas will be presented to the next session of the legislature in January. He says the proposed freeze on Austin property tax revenue would take effect in 2021 if enacted into law. Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel says many of his county's residents live within the city limits of Austin, and he's concerned about de funding A P D. The judges now asking for DPS troopers to fill the void. The city of Austin. Cleanup crews air backto work at underpasses, but they do not want you to refer to those as homeless camps. The city is now calling it right of way clean up and says it has nothing to do with the homeless camps. 78 degrees. Get Austin News on demand of news, radio k LBJ dot com Right into the Todd and don show we're live. We want you to join us at 51283605 90 Here are Todd and done. Okay. You could be alright. Just was talking to somebody in the break room, speaking of homeless camps who was driving down Anderson Lane yesterday and saw a homeless woman just drop her pants right there on the medium and take a leak. Welcome to Austin. Ladies and gentlemen, that's no that's sure that happens hundreds and hundreds of times every day. Right there in the middle of the road. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Austin, which is a crime and I would think so, for a lot of reasons to put into a test. What do you still out of the studio right there and get the median there on I 35 see what happens Exactly. You arrested Yes. Yes, I'm never going to try that again. Listen, we'd love you to join us at 51283605 90. About an hour ago, We had Texas speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnet on and and basically he's pretty upset that this City Council is using police officers as a political pawn to get money and hey, was pretty adamant that they're going to freeze property tax revenue for this city. If they continue doing what they're doing, it's a strong move. Defunded cops really strong, very serious move here. It's just very ironic. That was about a year ago. Well two years ago, the last legislative session when the state lawmakers wanted to give Travis County taxpayers a little bit more say in their property taxes right, in other words, passing a measure that requires the city Council to go to the voters before raising property taxes. Higher than 3.5% casually, and that was a way to get power back to the taxpayers. Remember that right? That was with the mayor was arguing. If you do this, it's going to lead to a cut of $15 million in police funding, and it's gonna make our cities so unsafe. Well, here we are. A week after the city cut 152 million I'll just wonder. Does the mayor still have the same opinion about our city being less safe? You know, just in that short period of time, relatively short period of time back when he was saying that that that would be a horrible thing, it's almost like we've got that That was then this is now This is a different Democratic party now to a whole different thing. Now you're right. It's very It's very radicalized. That's how much it's declined in the past two years. Let's see. Let's go. Teo, is it David and San Marcus. Good morning, David David. Hey, Good morning. Yes, sir. So the non retroactive Comment that Gabon in May. It's kind of shines life on how important it is to vote against Project connect in November because that's going to raise taxes to the point where It's where the city Council in the marijuana and then they go and try to freeze it in 2021 or 2021. It's kind of It's another win. Essentially for we're up against. We're up against the clock. You get that big bond package. You got two big bond packages both for roads and trains and buses. 7,000,000,008 billion plus They're absolutely right. Anything the Legislature would do would come after that. And it was very clear. I can't do anything. Rachel. Actively. So you're right. This vote come November on Project Connect is very important for your property taxes Sure is. What's a good horror is Yeah. Ticket's not where we want them frozen. What do you mean way Don't want we don't want if it if it did come, there are taxes being frozen. We don't want them being frozen at a higher level where they are now. Well, they will be that way. If people say yes to project that's right. Yeah, So there you go. Policies that Raymond and Dripping Springs Raymond checking in from the drip this morning, Hydra Raymon Raymond. Good morning..

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