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It is from opening tip on my part. And for that. I apologize. Let's get back to the phones. Maliki lava Stephen able to. Even my right, man. How are you? I'm doing good. They man I think when he three serve jasmine. Before really hopping in and to all of this grant, sex trafficking, huge never fully against it all all of us on all of us should be. 'cause a lot more that first of all we should be fit period. But Secondly, we also be a one of the other incentive to be against it is that usually involves children. So go ahead. Yeah. Exactly. And that's what I'm saying. But right now, we don't know with Robert Kraft new or not, and we don't even know if he knew it was part of Iraq African career like you said before as far as consent goes if it's just him and another woman both adults considered into something. Then. Fear game. You know Greenwich illegal. Like, I said if you look at it that way, I hear you where we have to be mindful of is that we're about focusing on the fact and the reality that it's a sex trafficking stink. And those words are being thrown out there by law enforcement officials can't be ignored can't be minimized period. It's a very serious issue. Not just taking place in this country. But in the world. Co if you say Robert Kraft got busted, a massage Paula with another adult, then obviously we're going to have a different opinion about that. Then we are there or that we would have when we hear a sex trafficking stink. And so it's a serious issue. What do you think's gonna happen as four hundred punishment goes? Now, we can't answer that question because we got first of all he says that he is innocent of such things that he is engaged in our legal activity. And if that is the case, then the only blemish against him would be found that he's engaged no illegal activity, then the only blemish against him is that it stained the NFL because he found himself in a relatively embarrassing situation. That's it other than that. That's it. And then we we we gotta ask ourselves the question this man, who has always been associated with integrity. Does he not deserve the benefit of the doubt? If he says he is innocent, which he has and the New England Patriots have in a statement. Because I, you know, I know too man personally, I spoke to him on several occasions. I got a lot of love and aberration for Robert Kraft. And I'll be damned if I don't want to give him the benefit of the Dow, but when you hear the word sex trafficking sting and two hundred arrests than all of that other stuff you have to also treat that with the seriousness as it deserves. If no other reason out of respect to our law enforcement officials who are out there doing their job and work hard at it. And also just the whole issue of sex trafficking. That is permeated this world in a very negative fashion. You have to treat it with the seriousness that it deserves. But I had no idea that this involved that until after my first segment of the show. Cool. All right. Go ahead require gweat. All right. Thank you. Roger you'll obviously. But they go ahead, buddy. Hey, man on my brother. How are you doing? Good. Hey, man, I'm down here in Florida and down here, man. Most people know that a lot of massage parlors or gear towards sexual activity just to lay person. Okay, for Robert Kraft to suggest that he didn't know that's the place to leave attending potentially prostitution right now. It's not right this, right. This summer at Robert Kraft, hasn't said anything all Robert Kraft has said according to win the patriots is that he is completely innocent of any illegal activity. We haven't heard another word from him on this matter. So what you just said isn't applicable because he hasn't spoken. So we don't know what he feels other than to say he's innocent. We don't know anything else. Well what I do. 'cause I live here in Florida. Okay. Which Florida Florida which part of from the west, I'm West Palm Beach team miles from Jupiter down all the time. Okay. Go ahead..

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