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I'm so humbled by this get IT on that right away in the meantime catchments mark tendon KGO eight ten this report is sponsored by V. dot com here's heather I think you need to get under way a little bit early it's a Friday from the talk not about a traffic that's the latest accidents in Hayward in the county commute south eighty before a street traffic is sluggish from two thirty eight those cars made it to the shoulder cars on the shoulder now getting into Livermore east five eighty east of Isabel but that accident involves four vehicles and started out in the two left lanes so we've got heavy traffic from Grove way out of Castro valley all the way over the Dublin grade pass the Dublin interchange into Livermore southbound eighty five south on seventeen I should say is still super pac was just awful I hate to see that specially on a Friday jammed from before eighty five out to Idlewild and that is because of the pruning project going on leaving San Francisco that commutes on as well north bound wanna one heavy from before Cesar Chavez to the bay bridge you only want to use the best route to drive across town so do the same when you need to hire indeed provides hiring managers the straightest path to the best new employees customized solutions like screener questions and skills test well you see beyond the resume posted next job at indeed dot com slash higher partly cloudy today and cooler with highs from the mid fifties at the coast the mid sixties inland that cooling trend continues tomorrow with highs not expected to get out of the fifties around the bay were expecting some light rain tomorrow morning currently alot of fifties around bay fifty four in Santa Rosa fifty nine Oakland San Francisco airport fifty eighty and Hayward fifty eight let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll.

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