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Heading through tysons heading for the dulles toll road to left get by there. Onward we go toward the Georgetown pike on the interleukin onward from there to the legion bridge and again two left lanes is what you have to work with. 66 work fields are all still present and accounted for heaven seen any cones coming up yet. If you see him first, let us know 8 6 6 three zero four two P, they don't always tell us, and we can't always see it because we don't have as many cameras as we used to along 66 between haymarket and about the capitol beltway. On the Virginia on the Maryland side, I should say, the work zones are a few and far between, though they are there two 70 sound bound near Bucky's town pike a left lane getting by there. 50 coming off the bay bridge, you are near cape saint Clair road and over to the right in a single file to get past the work. Wind warnings remain in effect on both the Chesapeake Bay bridge and on the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge and on three O one on the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge we did have work as well and you were single filing it trying to get between the nice back Middleton bridge on the Virginia side of the bridge and naval support facility dahlgren and then in the district, our crash investigation continues D.C. two 95 sound bound near burrows avenue and the traffic is still being diverted at burrows avenue. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Feeling like fall out there, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for your Friday morning, Friday afternoon, sunshine, rather breezy, high temperatures in the mid upper 60s. On Saturday, going for morning lows in the 40s, so definitely a chilly start to your Saturday but highs in the afternoon are around 74 Sunday, a high of 82 with afternoon showers and storms. I'm storm team four, chief meteorologist. We're at 58 at Reagan national 59 BW by Marshall 56 at dulles, we are at 57 at our nation's capital. This 3 a.m. our Friday morning, September 23rd, this check brought to you by Linda plummer

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