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The saints trade cornerback delve umbro nick on the hill of the advocate reported that the saints are shopping delve umbro after their growing frustration over his injury status he was he's missed the bulk of training camp with a lower leg contusion and he has been on the field right now eighty nine personas voting in our opinion poll at wbalcom are say no don't trade him delebre center saying yes we've talked about a kind of impact that a little bit right your thoughts at 5042601870 you'll hear of may jakeline zach street and say take coach sean payton and if you want as well but our body you wanted to get to attack because those are christian none of us we are not questioning del liberals toughness we're just saying if you play in the national football league that you have to play hurt when you beat it we can advocate tuesday what is that a deep bruise or whatever you have to fight through it now the question i have is this and this is a good text for ninety four thirty four they'll we're broke his neck any came back so i don't question his toughness yes i agree with that that's physical tough this now what i'm talking about a concern is mental toughness and what i mean by that physically have something that's nagging you so you not that unbelievable corner where you winning every rep in every now and then you might get beat but it messes with your mine because you're not winning all the time you know players talks mariko one another man uk covering me what did i say the beginning a training camp there was 4 plays i know that delving bro he gave up against receivers twenty plus yards and it would be corey fuller michael thomas it was the impasse as anything over twenty yards so that messes with a player and you might see me my legs bothered me and then instead of find through it it affects you mentally so he not i'm not talking about his physical thousands come on he broke his neck in any give up play football but i'm saying how do you handle adversity with physically something that's bothering.

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