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Everybody welcome but who cares about the rock hall a podcast about the rock and roll hall of fame. I'm your host. Joke was all i know too much about the rock and roll hall of fame in with me as always via zoom chat someone who does not care so much about the rock and roll hall of fame. It's kristen stewart. Hi kristin how low gel continues to be. I am okay. It's twenty twenty one and i. Yeah i my resolution is to remember less even less than i have about the call less about the rock hall in two thousand twenty one my goal is to retain taking up too much space That's what i have to have to say that. I get it. I understand resolution. Joe to get a ballot. Ooh that's that's so out of my hands. I feel but shows you'll get a ballot will job days. It will have way. I'm excited to bring in our guest. Because they are referred to on this podcast before as our in forment will not be revealing this person's name or really any details about them that they don't want me. I'm just going to bring them out of going to introduce. I think we refer to this person as deep purple throat at one point which was stretching on the on the pun there so anyway allow me to just introduce. I'll just say deep. Purple throat is here with us from the for the shadowy recesses of wherever they may be hello yeah and the vote that terrible reflux. So yeah i i heard about this podcast. I don't remember how long a awhile ago. And there was. Just remember the episode. I listened to couldn't roxy music. Yeah i think. I heard about it. I'm big roxy music fan so often listen to it. And so the reason. I'm deep informant. Purple drove is that i have a very close insider connection to the rock hall at no someone very closely. Who is pretty much involved. You can get so. I'm going to refer to that. Person is bruce so because of my relationship with. I know a lot about how it works in. There's just a lot of miss communications in the media about how it works. That kind of make. It seem like this. Nefarious like the orgy scene in eyes wide. Shut chataway cabal. I remember listening to episode. And i think what came up for me was a Stuff there's a lot of myths like. Oh young winner set does every day. Just do whatever yon winter. Say or they're Trying to keep certain women people of color out. So i guess i like email or something as like i know some people involved with this launch like communicate. This really isn't true and they're actually good. People doing their best to try to make the rock hall more equitable place. So that's how we got in touch and met in person actually at the induction ceremony last year or now twenty one gs in twenty nineteen and so joe and kristen know that i'm the world's number one keep bush fan and they are said like if the reunion episode kate bush. You should do it. Except i'm not in la but now that recording is virtual. They're like do this like hell. Yeah and i can also like demystify some miscommunication without you know. I don't i don't work for the rock hall. I don't know everything that goes on. But i a lot of stuff that doesn't go on. People think does that make sense right in and you exists both as someone who is skeptical of the institution and yet. There's almost an element of apology clarification. Maybe yeah i guess it is a weird place to be in because i So i think a lot of the issues with the rock hall..

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