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As I just mentioned Malia has achieved visible as such paschel tries and progress in terms of national security al-shabaab treasures in the country. Right now is extremely limited. They are not in control of any major city of any major port any major infrastructure at all they are hiding and the room and more villages and are captured in very very limited parts of country. We can say say that ninety over ninety percent and the country is three from al-shabaab presents or any extremist groups present. And this is giving these national community the trust and confidence in the federal government's capacity to ensure the security and safety of the country. The US State Department says the return of you. Demonstrates their commitment to further advance stability, democracy and economic development that are in the interest of both nations. What's your take on the US stands has the United States offer any plan to help develop the Somalia economy? Somalia's economic development plans are actually in the hands of this. Molly federal government. Now, we are in charge and devising our own economic development policy, and then taking these policies and taking these approaches and plans to our international partners. So it's the other way around it is not that the US is bringing forth a plan to develop Tamale, the Konami covered. It is rather the other way around rush, the Molly, Molly doesn't into the cabinet ministers and different agencies are taking charge of what it needs to take to reconstruct the government and reconstruct the country's economy ended social economic development and taking these plans to be national community including partners, which is the US and partnering with different partners on different aspects of our development, including cured including aspects of economic development. Trae. And industrial capacity building and regarding our cooperation with the u s always been focused on security and creating the capacity about own national security forces, and what would you say is the root cause of the economic challenges Somalia as facing I mean, all the development issues, and what is the prioritized by the Somali government to develop a Konomi. One of the most important challenges that Himali faces today if you remember Tamale back in the eighties Headey had DV equivalent what China had time Somalis economy was actually quite dooming before the state collapsed. And one of the biggest challenges safe is the lack of a stable government system in the past twenty seven over twenty years. Now sister doesn't twelve our first international recognize government came into power and the second government came into power in February seventeen and these government have been tirelessly trying to establish all of the government institutions that are needed to feel the table and substantial recovery of the national economy Simoni has a multitude of of of resources, whether they are natural resources or even just looking at our. Geographical position which protest at a very strategic maritime route which could actually be exploited to teal. Our blue economy and generate zillions of revenue for the government. However at the current stage our biggest challenge is to establish our government institution Ella financial situation. And make sure that they are pluckily functioning an are in accordance with world standard in order for us to conduct trade and conduct further economic cooperation with our neighboring countries ending when I question could you tell us more about these somebody government's plan to like boost cooperation with African countries neighboring countries on the continent. Molly government is quite incense on enforcing the east Africa economic integration. And we are in constant negotiationms and talks is only by neighboring countries out president in the past week was in Kenya. Attending, the the blue communist form, which Brassica which brought together peop- leaders from the East African region to discuss cooperation in the blue Tommy now, we are in constant talks in concentration with race to ensure that our development are in line with our neighboring countries in order to ensure those infrastructure integration and both trade and enter vision in an economic terms with anything countries to reinforce the economic and infrastructure integration of east Africa community and both Stor. Is resources to you threaten developments estabilishing region? Thank you very much doctor.

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