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Dan in the danettes. Dan patrick show back. Row consists of fritzy. Mclovin is off this week. More phone calls best and worst of the weekend. What you like. You didn't like eight seven seven three. Dp shell also reggie miller will join us coming up in about twenty minutes from now. Few things to talk about including damian lillard. Does he want out of portland. Does he want others to say that. He wants out of portland. Either way the blazers better be listening. Because if you read between the lines feels like damian. Lillard was out of portland. It's been an interesting week for team. Usa men's basketball. They lost bradley beal. Because of covert kevin love dropped out. They added javale mcgee and kelvin johnson. Not exactly dream teamers but they needed a big guy and jail. Mcgee does some silly things on the court at times but he's got a lot of length he's won a couple of titles here as for kelvin. Johnson it's okay to admit you never heard of him. He's a twenty one year old forward. Who plays for the spurs and keep in mind team. Usa still has durant lillard. Jason tatum other countries would love to be dealing with the same difficulties team. Usa has had but despite those losses to nigeria and australia. America's still figures the heavy heavy heavy favorites to win gold medal. They beat spain last night and now they go to tokyo so we'll talk about all things. Nba basketball coming up. But let's see update the poll results air. Todd if you can which athletes stock would you invest in today. Shohei thirty seven percent treble lawrence twenty six percent mark our twenty five percent column more cala winning the open championship. You not even twenty five shohei otani. You got your honest now. There's a lot of young players doing some pretty amazing things. If i was going to invest in shohei it would have been last year. They they would have been the year before that it would have been when he was just coming over to the united states but he hit another home run yesterday. But you're looking like justin herbert. You'd invest in that if if he was a stock but it feels like you know with what more cala did what jaanus is doing and you know because he has got to. Mvp's and he's on the verge of winning a title. There's only a couple of players in the history of the sport who've accomplished that by this age by the age of twenty six. I think bill russell was in there. Tim duncan is in their lebron was close to doing it but this is jaanus right now doing something and stepping up in a big moment with his postseason performance. Because we've seen where great during the regular season and i always maintained that they were great regular season team there bill for regular season. They were not built for a seven game series. Just weren't they've made a lot of good moves here Mike buttonholes who's been criticized and rightfully so for some of the moves in previous postseasons. Even this year's postseason but he is he's made some moves here. Now it's up to the phoenix suns to try to counter and his great is yon issues. There was something he said over the weekend..

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