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Did you create? A recently on. Some kind of Introduced to you know where you're from. There was no half measures. You know you have to pitch in and. Stand up. Yours is giving getting fumbled. Was the was the only sport Brady were? Right Group along the border and That was during the early eighties and. Was a wonderful. Grado bringing you mean and getting football is yes the the lifeblood of of the country really and. That was very fortunate. To get the opportunity to play. Sport locally never makes it. The first rugby game I was off was in. The non-sovereign road just before. I. Met got send that before starting to work with Wales and. Rob McBride and gats were their second game. Actually working for the showing the union and the all blacks. Though. that was Soccer, no soccer grow so. Yeah, it was just it just getting football and you know did to swimming annoys younger. But. Yeah, that was dumbs introduction to to team sports and. Having. experienced. Different sports are on the word when you when you reflect on new. People probably sometimes. Forget the value of sports society in the value, the lessons of the teachers, young people for knife dot to me, speaking of Joey Brian this morning. WHO FOR You know we're talking about. The the role of sport is to teach young people lessons for life, because there's only three small percentage ever GonNa think professionals. The Rule of sport is is for society and Culture for your local community serie. That's why those local sports should be protected at all costs. With brought you all than to you. University Limerick, an oral down here degree master's PhD, but it wasn't in what you're doing now. I went onto become a my father's wouldn't teacher. Would Reconstruction Studies teacher? That's why grove around. That's what John Doing, but I I figured. Sorry. How did you get this Gig them? Well I. Just WanNa. Do is see above whatever money I had, and then when the holidays came up. To School in. Providence, visit people. You coaches on the words trying to earn from. A member one year. Saving learned from the All blacks could account learn from spend coaches coaches, and it was just more a really passionate interest that I had and You know the ads it like you mean just. Like took a career break was offered a job with bowdoin wanders took a career break. From teaching NFL lead on. This Virginia Premier League probably never happen the for year to the Glatt Teaching and almost twenty years twenty years later, but it's just..

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