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Come to you outside today on a beautiful morning up at red rocks park overlooking the city just stopped buying climb the steps. What is one of the most gorgeous stunning concert venues in the world. Also one of the most beautiful places to photograph in the world which is kinda why. I'm here on the show today. We have an interview so big. It didn't fit into one episode. I have been a fan of photographer. Bob wick for years bob might have. What is the best job in the country. He takes beautiful pictures of america's public land's specifically bureau of land management land across the west. You may not know bob wick by name but you have almost certainly seen his work so as an amateur photographer myself. I was so excited when bob agreed to join us and talk about his remarkable career. Which oddly enough doesn't even officially include photography as part of his job description. So this is a two-parter this first episode is all about bob's career and how the bureau of land management has changed over the last thirty years and this is also video episode. You can find it on youtube or facebook there. You will get to see some of bob's best work as we talk about it. If you're listening to this podcast app that supports chapter markers you will probably see pictures as we go as well. But please don't look down if you're driving And then next week we're going to do a bonus episode diving into the nitty gritty of outdoor photography for photo geeks. Like me but first. Let's do the news. Interior secretary deb holland was here in colorado last week. Talking about a couple of bills that we have featured here on the podcast that includes the colorado wilderness act sponsored by congresswoman. Diana get as well as the colorado outdoor recreation economy act or core. Act from congressman. Goose and senator michael bennet but the main reason for the secretary's visit was looking at how to fix the bureau of land management headquarters remember. That's the building in grand junction colorado. Where a grand whopping three employees who were at the old headquarters in washington. Dc eventually moved after former interior secretary. David bernhardt effectively and intentionally broke the agency. Even today there are fewer than forty people working in that grand junction office. There are about eighty open and unfilled positions. So something is not not working here at all and the solution is a pretty obvious one to us. You just have to admit the whole thing was a failure. It was designed to force career expertise out. And it's time to rebuild the agency headquarters back in washington. Now it's understandable. That folks like senator bennett senator. John hickenlooper want to keep jobs in colorado. Even if it's just forty of them so secretary holland came out to grand junction to listen to be element -ployees to listen to members of the community before she decides what to do next and of course the bureau still doesn't have a senate confirmed director has not had one for four and a half years now but we are finally getting close. The senate energy and natural resources committee last week deadlocked ten ten on the nomination of tracy stone manning to run the bureau that vote said it to the senate which voted fifty to forty nine on tuesday afternoon to move her nomination to the senate floor head back one episode for the background on the really absurd character assassination campaign that is being waged against tracy. But i think there's another takeaway here that everyone needs to consider. The fight here truly is not over what tracy stone manning did or did not do with earth. I thirty years ago. The record there is clear. nothing new has come out..

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