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Invalid only then was Dickinson free to admit that there was one copy left of his nineteen forty gaslight and before his death in one thousand nine hundred four he was finally able to reintroduce his masterpiece to the world. There will always be a handful of films that are not improved by the Hollywood formula. They will look different. They will sound different. They will feel different MGM's version of the film is suddenly handsome and does a grand job replicating, Hamilton central theme. Indeed. So compelling was Ingrid Bergman central performance in the film that had netted her the Academy Award for best actress, but it lacks the claustrophobia of Dickinson's version it lacks the grim underbelly, the almost spendthrift period detail, and the gothic edge of the British film. That's not to say it wasn't a hit with audiences though upon release it easily recouped its two million dollar budget. In fact, it Doubleday tan, then some with a huge financial hit on their hands and following on from other period hits such as the lodger, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde phantom of the opera. And Jane Eyre Arcadio was suddenly keen to set more stories in times gone by and it was at this moment in time that vowel Luton told Jack gross that he wanted to produce a dark regency era set movie based on Robert Louis Evenson story. The body's natural said Luton it's a fictional stories. That around the back and hammered is all about two different doctors. I like it a lot. I roll is around in my mind a lot when I get sailing and like to change it though. This is perfect said gross. Did you see gaslight? Did you see the lottery? Make from FOX this year people are loving these period thrillers. And this is going to be in the public domain for. Sure, right. Yes. It's free to use gross sprang up and began to pace the body snatcher. He said to himself, I even like the title, no need to change anything. When can you start? When he said, it yourself on kind of just sat here twiddling my thumbs right now, I suppose I could get something working straight away. Go till it said gross. When does I love the dead start filming again Luton shrugged? Carlos back problems at thrown everything out of kilter when bars is back aghast. Then depend on what everyone else has on. The problem is that most of the guys have other assignments beginning in the next week or two. It's almost certain it will have to shut the whole thing down until we can get the entire team back together. Again, how long till you can get a script for the body's natural together. Luton shrug gain. You said he'd been rolling this one around grow said, you must have some kind of idea couple of weeks. I guess okay. Grow said hear me out. I have a really crazy idea. You're gonna tell me or are you posing for dramatic effect. Sorry. I'll get a budget together, you go away and write a script. And I mean, pronto Boris is on the mend. Let's not waste time. Waiting for everyone else, get ahold of another director and other crew. And let's make this body grab film before. I love the dead cranks up a game. That's going to take an awful lot of work Jag. I mean at the moment, it's just a few thoughts swimming around in my head. Don't you think he could manage it? I can manage it fine. But but what Luton mused on the correct words to us from amount? And then took a breath. I want a real budget, Jack, not some afterthought budget. Not a challenge. I'm tired of running it one hundred miles an hour. Pulling magic tricks rolling on the floor like a damn puppy, you snap your fingers, and I give you a movie out of thin air. But I Don I over and over again, I spend too much of myself to make these things some days..

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