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With the emerald. Burgundy trim. If you will Scotty, how do you? What do you keep the lose against the Trojans? Here's about Laurie talked about it with the big needs to be really strong tonight. Play good. And they got to go out those guys on offense as well. Try to give him in foul trouble. I think the bus hadn't played well in the first four or five minutes Wednesday night. And lastly making shots never heard Mark. We can hit ten plus three thirteen Wednesday night thirteen plus free puts us in a winner's circle night. I believe Carlton Brown just came in. Charlie Brown, the MVP. The fact well. In two thousand twelve year, Los Angeles. He's one of those guys like the football guys lose one hundred pounds. All right. Coppers basketball here in Los Angeles. Greg Nixon is the referee. Denver white bad bitch. The empire's is the toss at Tampa. And it's one by the Trojans attacking forecourt rights. All topics Aaron transfer out of Louisville, wearing a purple shoe, a yellow shoe. We want to highlight or color. Driving down the left side throws up off the back of the coast, which power gerbil turns goes up strong. We'll go by that time. Dan Schwartz way with the rebound off the miss that. He has another right wing attack. Tyler has mastered that vertical dean. He's done a good job. But he's got such is like pogo stick. Of course, we can go up and down with the arms down the gift some lift pass left side McKinley, right? He's been shooting three very well as. The right side. The gallon comes pick Calvin akitas shot clock is has six upside to Schwartz squares up to data one spins leaves in throws Janis. Block deflected away. Loose ball is picked up by Thornton agile big man watch per ballgame. He's got the ball wide land. Is he squares up top spinning Barclay Paul's back players. Up and good. Oh and Southern Cal strikes. I bought a minute twenty four. Order short on his toes Tyler bay long. Well, we're gonna Bastable top Kelly plays on the right side Kelly retrea, he fires a vicious rebound on the right side off. It's taken by the seaward working out. The coaches swimming decides to move right across overlooks to drive for the back door swinging to the right lane. Taxes way down. He's got a Garnham spins kicking up top pulled up the way between the is from downtown is hit seven make it. Eight fifteen since he came back for the shoulder injury missing to Utah. Buffs have the league left-wing tribes against pay opt-out firing three. They don't mind him taking that he's twenty seven percents three point shooter. That's not his game. But he hits his first. Yeah. He's not gonna kill you. I think. Seasonal one. But Kelly's got a tablet Chiapa swift picked up by working alongside the down low. Triple top Schwartz open for three fires and misses and threatens got the rebound for the Trojans. Bush's court left to runs in the seaward. And a foul is called. They're gonna call a defensive defensively. It's lucas. Collision of the top of the. Respell number one. Attentional collision or you hate to give fouls like that. Because then you lose the chance to use them when you need them. Yeah. You're six foot ten twenty five feet away from the hoop? We'll start where you want to do it. Boat, right Talbot guitar. The whiteside. Erin. Fire the three volley. Fires. Right there. Has got forty eight three quarters this season. The Trojans have elite eight three he's taking almost one hundred thirty already on the season gone. A little bit tacky left Michaela. Sides could pass mcquarters head fix it. Better. Go by called the dribbles topics deflected. The backward. It was not the. Traced back haul really like to see Lucas take one hundred fifty he had a wide open three and a quarter ahead Fetterman flying by he took three dribbles got himself into traffic has a dry. The dish it out. Head fake goes by one triple and he can shoot in route sixteen fifty seven to play Buffalo's got one bucket, you take the three a inside shot is altered. Download taken by air altered by Schwartz. Missed it. Rebound. John Kelly right to left what she got out here. Dr. Crossed paths to the right side of the galley. Lisa lobbed. Delo taken by bay quick move against right goes up. Strong shot is missed cleft short rebound away to Erin. Thornton court with Talbot. Paints skipped past in the quarter. Aaron for three fires and misses records air bounced loose. Rebound has picked up on the kindle pushing four right to left. Seabrook side for three trains it from downtown. Lucas three pointer the puff. Didn't even guard him on that possession sixteen thirteen Thornton top bull Whitehead footsteps to his right down passed inside the coach. By low. The first point six by four four minutes here in the further. I not a good defense there by the buffs Colorado attacking four Portland McKinley. Tough work picked it up on the white wind belt Dalo otherwise blocked by Taliban. Spends his went in over the right shoulder. Head fake has it knocked away gets it back and throws it away. While I was a fad set there for a portfolio pick out in the corner left side thought, he's three Deepak. I went outside the resets with twenty two in the Shacklock fifteen and a half of the game block the buffs on top four. Lob pass gallows taken on the block or coast which stretches east spins foul pole down. Download under the bucket by benefit. You could have possibly seen that way. He had a big body inbetween them. And he's the one that call the foul, Gary white and Greg, Nick. Jared petty gold at one colon gallon. I ask number two on Colorado's got a time out of the court. Fifteen twenty six to play the first half trailing this six Los Angeles. We'll take a timeout. Basketball from learfield. 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