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Twenty twenty one. My name is jack o'brien k. Jack chugai wonderland. Hey get get it get it. Get one lay. I wear tight pants when i start to dance in a two. He won the jack. Trukey wonderland that is courtesy of suburban panic attacks and her fire. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles. Please get back in the us back in the us facts the us of a just just thought of that right now and you know what. Let's get vaccinated okay. They're even saying it on fox news. Maybe probably reach into the choir on this podcast but if it please get the word out to everybody you know if you can you know. It's it's we're starting to see the numbers and if you're your your shot look better if your back. I'm just waiting to see like what the back saw of the vaccine. I just want to make sure you know maybe give me like a couple of years just to make sure see see what the effects are. Because i'm all about the scientific process row. And so i got a taught in your in your in your scientists. No but like i saw. I saw this thing on facebook. Actually where they were saying like girl got the back seen. Her heart stopped for like fifteen seconds to question. Do you listen to a lot of joe. Rogan oh man. You listen to rogan dude poison. All right bro. I am kind of scientists when you think. About how much rogan i've done like i actually did the man. And the hours of rogan. I've listened to is the equivalent of a graduate degree. There are there are people who for miles. We are thrilled to be joined in third seat of by the very talented hip hop artist and host of the podcast.

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