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Yeah military doesn't have if i can gpo department they buy that shit from somewhere else and all that technology is i'm not saying i'm not throwing anyone on this is like ge you know what i mean gee makes fucking you know guidance systems for nuclear warheads why wouldn't fuck an nvidia supply with a cert yeah fucking god that thing because they have the best technology for it right you know why would the government go and spend you know forty trillion dollars in their own branch of gps doesn't make any sense ken somebody bring me a glass of water i've asked my water took a cue from joel and i regret it i asked all how many are you smoke i smoke i like being around people who smoke because it lets me smoke but done that cocaine thing of also close because you yeah it happened to me once brutal never work i've actually that's happened to be on stream wants i find it so interesting that you're streamer but not only just a streamer you've been doing it from before twitch you were like one of the earliest yeah yeah i suppose would like i think it was when i think one of the first guys to kinda take on use stream oh you stream was one the first one one of them yeah justin tv ussery was before them okay justin was actually found some people that became twitch right yeah some of them i think.

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