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Your landlord to return your calls. You can't hide forever, Leonard. Mm hmm. All right. The nine first warning. Weather forecast center Raven Richards says We had sunshine today with a high of 83 cleared tonight. Down to 61, then more sun Tomorrow we should be in the mid eighties. There is a slight chance of showers. Before nine o'clock on Wednesday morning. That's the next chance of precipitation. All right, other than that sunshine and a high of 81 on Wednesday, still 62 right now and your severe weather station. 700 w L W significant in sports 700 WLW SPORTS Here's the Reds. Update four Detroit Pitchers team out to allow one runnin Jameer Candelario hit a two run triple Tigers knock off the Reds yesterday. 4 to 1 taking two or three in the weekend series at Great American Ballpark. Cincinnati goes two and four in the home stand and now has lost four straight series. Here's Tyler and a Quinn. Obviously you want to win every game, but I mean You don't ever want to have consecutive losses. Um, even one for that matter, but We just got to Keep playing the game. Like I said, we still got. I think 26 games or something like that, or Couple weeks to, um, finalize a spot to keep playing baseball. So should I keep playing hard man. It's Sonny Gray up against Justine steal this afternoon as the Reds gig off a nine game Central division road trip with the first of three up against the Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 700 WLW is coverage begins at 1 20 with Brno Global Logistics inside pitch. In the N L. Central. Yesterday. Milwaukee won in dramatic fashion topping ST Louis Bob Bucher on the Brewers Radio network. One ball in those Franks sweating it right to ride in deep Get up. Get up here Got hurt. Daniel Gola rank. He just.

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