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Is really cool. We do in Atlanta's agree repayments of six ninety seven or something, so so that's cool. So a couple of a couple of things here. So Ryan says, I've been inspired, I'm going home to write and Ryan get it done man. So Ryan is a first responder. Active shooter training. He's a firefighter, the guy checks, but Ryan get your book done, dude, get your book done. We wanna read it. So that's first thing, Donna just published her book, which is also fantastic, which eventually will get her on my show here to share this. So Donna says, cover design, I is vital Fisher. I could not agree more so important. I love Elizabeth's tip that bad now means that you're ready to take. Reorders might tip is that will kick in the butt to get your book done. It does right if you get if you sell it thousand books, you gotta get that book written, right? So get your button gear. Get some great cover design. So Elizabeth, let's go to wrap this up here. Let's give one more insight that folks can take back to kick their stuff in a gear. Let's go with number twenty. Nine. Why any? Ni- money. Nine and you can read the tip here way. This number twenty nine Booker. Let here. Yeah or banning all. Oh, this is a good one. This is tip number twenty. Nine is all about marketing and branding. Do I as a speaker? Do I need a logo. Do I ate a logo? I know that's a controversial one, isn't it? It is. It is, do I need a local Elizabeth to Anita logo? So I have to say, here's what I said in the tip. If you have to choose between investing in quality photography or designing a logo, I will recommend every day that you upgrade in upland will your tire Phy I and then continued upgrading photography at least every two years. Big thing to as a speaker you are, the face of the company knew are your logo. On the Montemar. So I mean, there's places on logo works a logo works in femme. If you have stationary can be put on your invoice, the guest let I'm pretty much what your picture of you in like a headers Ramaz social media or a website banner on those pieces too. Just your freaking name and spend the money on a picture that says something about you until you're ready to move ahead. Picture. Absolutely. So, yeah. So take a look at that. Totally. Yeah. So so if you're looking for somebody to kind of model yourself after that, you can learn a lot from Elizabeth McCormick. Is it? She's the bomb diggity. She's the real deal. So Elizabeth, if people wanna get more of your awesome, where are we going to send him? So they can get connected with you? Ryan says, Elizabeth, we must talk. So yes, I will agree Ryan. I will connect you with Elizabeth four Scher, but Elizabeth, if people.

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