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Radio ten thirty wbz news time is six thirty one former homeland security secretary jay johnson scheduled to testify today before the house intelligence committee investigating russian election meddling he he is expected to talk about the obama administration's discussions with election officials across the country about the dangers of russian hackers and now to the much talkedabout white house tapes white house press secretary sean spicer said yesterday he expected announcement this week on whether there are taped phone conversation asians between president trump and his former fbi director james colmey we bring in our wbz political roundtable now democrat marianne marsh and republican gene heart again marianne your thoughts if you're talking about the tape donald trump said he had in the white house if he doesn't have them he lied if he does have them he got even bigger problem so one way or another donald trump it flirting with the kinds of thing nobody flirt with if you're if you're in the white house and i think he he did that is a highstake game of chicken which is exactly what even gatien and right now so colmey said he hoped their cape and i think everybody hoped he's right because either way it's bad news for donald trump gene if you look at these prognostications by the president about these tapes is that what kind of strategy is that especially if you score why do promise a release well it's very simple one is if there are tapes any releases them and they say thing city said colmey said or did say then that's good him initially if he if he doesn't released tapes or if there is no activity on that part then it's very damning and very damaging for him uh i think it's a real estate to play this game and i think it shows he still is not being presidential much more from the virtual roundtable coming up this half hour wbz news time six thirty three traffic and weather together now chris call keane with.

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