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This week, the media engaged in wishful thinking that the vaccine will be an instant fix. Or that the president will be charged with a crime. Yeah, I mean, one of the assumptions is that There is a criminal case. It's just you know, which one and where do you find it? From? W. N Y c. New York This is on the media. I'm Brooke Gladstone. Frontline health workers are forced to make ethical decisions. Leaders further up the chain are too chicken to take on their terrible decisions to make. And so they Get shunted downward and downward until they're in the lap of the person who's standing in front of the patient and cannot not make a decision. Also, Cove has changed the way we say goodbye to our dead leading us to face our grief in new ways, which are old ways, he said. Well, ordinarily, we would have a wake. I said, Listen to me. She's in the bed. She's dead. This is your wake. Oh, coming up after this. Live from NPR News. I'm Giles Snyder. Workers that defies her warehouse and Kalamazoo, Michigan began applauding this morning as the first boxes of the company's corona virus. Vaccines were loaded onto a truck. Vials of impact and dry ice to keep them from spoiling and are expected to begin arriving around the country tomorrow. The first shots likely will go to hospital workers and nursing home residents. Distribution of the Fizer vaccine comes as Corona virus infections surge around the country. In California hospital intensive care units are filling up and jails have been found to fuel the spread. Now the A C L U. Was won a court order to reduce the jail population in Orange County by almost half Jacob Rice Burgers with Southern California Chapter Cove in 19 doesn't stay in the jails. On go. Anything that happens in the jails is likely to spread out into the community, reducing the chance of an outbreak in the jails. Makes things safer on the outside and the A. C L U filed a lawsuit on behalf of several inmates who said they were at risk due to underlying health conditions. Clashes last night in Washington, D C following yesterday's rally backing President Trump's effort to overturn the election on the other side of the country. One person was shot after pro Trump supporters and opponents clash at the Washington State capital in Olympia. It was the second such shooting in a week as Austin Jenkins of the Northwest News Network reports. The shooting happened in a visitor's parking lot in the Capitol campus. Robert Surfing is a conservative youtuber who was taking video of the protests, he says a group of what appeared to be Trump's supporters. We're returning to their cars when protesters with opposing views rush forward and that's what I heard the shot. I was looking everywhere. There was a lot of stuff going on. Everybody was dipping out. No details about the victim or their injuries were immediately known. The shooting followed a serious of chaotic clashes involving about 200 protesters on and near Washington's Capitol campus. Similar shooting happened near the capital last weekend for NPR News. I'm Austin Jenkins in Olympia Overseas and France of French government is loosening restrictions on nursing home starting next week so that residents conspired time with their families. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports they will be able to receive visits. Even if they're positive for covert. 19, the deputy health minister in charge of elderly affairs, said that injecting the spirit of Christmas into nursing homes is essential to maintain family ties and fight loneliness. About a third of France's nearly 58,000 coronavirus deaths have occurred in retirement homes where residents have been subjected to strict confinement measures. France has just emerged from a second national lockdown. The tight restrictions helped curb new cases, but the prime minister says the country is still in the midst of a second wave of the virus. Eleanor Beardsley. NPR NEWS Paris and you're listening to NPR news. This is W. N. Y. C in New York. I'm Yasmeen Khan. New York is getting closer to seeing 100 deaths a day from Cove in 19 governor, Cuomo says 95 people died from the virus on Friday. In August and September. There were days when no New Yorkers died of coded But now hospitalizations and the use of ICU beds are steadily rising throughout the state. The governor announced that all indoor dining will be banned again in New York City starting Monday, the city's covert positivity rate over the past week has risen above 6%. A second fire in a week struck the Middle collegiate Church in the East Village. The F D. N y quickly responded and extinguished the minor flare up yesterday, the historic church and the neighboring women's shelter were heavily damaged in a six alarm fire last weekend, fire investigators determined the cause was electrical and not intentional. There's been a surge and handgun permit applications on Long Island and that strong the concern of some public safety advocates. News Day reporter Thomas Maier says police are likely to reject applications from people who are likely to reject applicants have committed felonies or who have a history of mental illness. They think overall from the standpoint of law enforcement. Mortgage guns that are out there, the more concern they have about protecting public safety. Applications are up 80% and NASA county so far this year compared to all of last year. Suffolk County's five largest towns have also reported a 143% increase. Interest in gun ownership peaked at the beginning of the pandemic, and during the protests over George Floyd's death in June, the crime In both NASA and Suffolk counties is down compared to last year. Mostly sunny today high and the upper fifties..

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