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Hanan talk six fifty. Welcome back to Jim Bohannon show. Six five O Bo and we're talking with jet Baben commentator and columnist for the American spectator. And the Washington Times former deputy undersecretary of defense and a man who looking at what he feels could be the biggest scandal in this country's history, which covers some turf, Jim in Lewis Delaware is with us next. Hello, jim. Gentleman. Copybooks read your column times. I love that paper. I gotta say I can't I can't imagine how you could possibly entertain this story. The New York Times it runs a red herring story to me. This is comet before my question. Everybody with half. A brain knows a lot of your poop would much rather had Hillary Clinton in there in the White House. Donald. Uranium one deal. I would have to think so myself, but. David dealing with leftist Democrats since Roosevelt administration is still doing his plenty of useful idiots on the left. So let me let's get that out there right right off the bat when I wanna know, why don't the Republicans at the plate hardball politics. Like, the Democrats. Do let's investigate. I heard radio guys city last night. Let's look at Nancy Pelosi's tax records, and how many illegal say had and the relationships they have with with communist Chinese and the Russians especially exposed that. And I sit there, and I watch these press briefings, and I'm thinking the Washington Times has a seat there. They don't ever ask a question. It seems like let's so some sought softball legitimate softball questions that Sarah Sanders, let's put them in an embarrassing position. Let's let's ask our guest before you get to wound up should a more hardball approach be applied here jed. Well, it was being applied. And you know, again stonewall of all these investigations really warranted them the Nunez investigation. The good life gal. Negations? They tried to play hard ball with the FBI and the Justice sparring stonewall and the other answer to your question. Jim, you know, why the Republicans not play our ball on the stuff? One of my great political mentors. Always sold. Republicans are not political people. They come up into government to do certain things to cut size of the government to strengthen defense, whatever. But they are not political people. They're not the kind of people that are used to wheeling and dealing and they don't do it. Very, well, it's just unfortunately, it's that simple. Republicans are not as good at politics as the Democrats are. All right. We got Tom and Sharon Pennsylvania to weigh in. Hello, tom. Yeah. Jim you may recall I mentioned to you well over a year and a half ago that this was bigger than Watergate. And I was just basing it on information that was put out a couple of major. At that time, and it mazes me that's gotten this far and the mainstream media it's been able to live on. I I really think that it. It's not just at the level of the FBI and the Justice department. I think you're gonna find that this goes not only the Clinton, and that's why she had to server but the Bronco blah. That's why he used an alias and getting day Hillary Clinton, and it goes back also today uranium one deal where they got a hundred and forty five million dollars went to the Clinton foundation, which I believe was a slush fund. The Clinton was almost certainly in terms of sheer dollars the largest scandal in American history, but I'll defer to jed is it even bigger bigger. Well, I think it is. I think it's more important because it's a clear abuse of power anniversary of our system of Justice. And if you look at the good life Couty memo, we're talking not just about the size of warrants arrests that were talking about the investigation of. By Komi and McCabe into the Hillary Clinton classified information scandal. I it's obvious to me. I've had some fairly fancy security clearances in my career. And I know what top-secret information looks like she had special access programs. The kinds of things that require a presidential determination off rice covert action. Satellite intelligence as IT k satellite intelligence out out. There is nothing more classified than that issues. Trading it around she and her staff or throwing it around between themselves and with President Obama. That's why it didn't get investigated. Very well and with President Obama throughout the time. She was the secretary of state and me covered it up. We know in his five July twenty sixteen public rethink that he said that she had handled classified information with extreme carelessness. Well, the law says eighteen US code section seven ninety three. So it's a felony to handle classified information in a row. Rowsley negligent unquote matter now, I've been a lawyer or a lot longer than I care to admit. And I can't tell you the difference between extreme negligence or extreme carelessness and gross negligence. Other than the fact that one appears in the law, and the other didn't know responsible prosecutor would bring charges. Horse others or something like that or something like that? The fact of the matter is, and this is another one of the big lies is comes out of the good life Couty memo. The one of the biggest lies that Komi told was that no responsible prosecutor could bring a case against Clinton. And then it was unanimous opinion of the FBI people that that was the case. Well, apparently, that's not true James Baker. The Ben the general counsel, the FBI was privy to all of this. And he said, yeah, maybe we could make a good case. But Komi overruled him and changed his memo originally the Komi exoneration memo, which by the way was written before the people the witnesses were interviewed before Clinton was interviewed. The exoneration memo originally said grossly negligent, and it's changed me changed it to extreme carelessness, you know, lying again because there's no difference between the two, but one appears in the statute and Komi wanted to let her get away with it. More to come back in a moment..

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