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And then nikki cross and her husband Killian dane go out on twitter and say this was something that nikki's been working on for a while. It's been something she's been hoping to do. We're very excited nikki's excited she's excited to do which she's really enthusiastic about it. If there is one person on the current wwe roster who could make this thing work it is unclear. Generally nikki cross absolutely nikki cross. She's she has that connection that earnestness living having her emotions on her sleeve kind of thing she absolutely has this abandonment that makes her so endearing that helps create the connection. Yes even when she was running around like a screaming banshee insanity she did it with such gumption and conviction that we would just like we buy into it. We buy it nikki so i sincerely believe that she can make this thing work. The superhero thing work. Because it's nikki. Cross it's creative. I have no faith thin. Not her not her ideas. I have no phasing. wwe creative give it time. No no no because we have all been in positions in the past where it's like well create has a plan. Let's give a and be never deliver in some instances they under deliver. This is not good. It's the this is not a good thing. Because i really think that this is the kind of thing that they will. Easily fumble on all but creative must love their idea if they let her run with. Hey you know who else. Who else had some really good ideas that the creative really liked alistair black..

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