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This isn't a question. But how many tweets do you think Jeff Probst has liked so given the little like heart button? Guys think this is gonna points ballpark lake like, seventy okay. What do you think? Ooh, I seventy I feel like some people can do seventy in day, the active on okay? You said seventy I'll go with like one sixty nine fifteen. No says like fifty two which I don't know if that's, you know, dumb Ross has the writer for w he covers a lot of survivors. Those of you don't who Don Ross. Adulteresses famously never liked to tweet. So I don't know if this is Jeff Probst like doing his best Dalton Robson restaurant Akiko. But of these fifteen tweets these next questions are gonna try to guess, which tweet Jeff probes likes. Okay. Amman these these are your options. So a at Jeff Probst. I am seriously looking forward to the survivor redemption island tomorrow night. My man Russell is back. That was a tweet from Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy V, which is one of the people that Jeff Probst us. Follow on Twitter. Okay. Be who else wants to go? Spearfishing with at Ozzy louche. There is there is only one day left before the drying. Register for free at. A URL ego health adventure park dot com..

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