Ward, Donald Trump, Matt discussed on Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast


Ward barehanded us okay but why why i believe that but i but why is the pope do this and by the way i had no idea those the patron saint of journalist juice that's a bane francis the sales yeah i i thought of any but he was a patron states saint of journalist would have been me or hugh but again okay uh but i do think i do think this the coal whether you agree with his politics are not is a man of decency i mean he is that and i think that's that's the the source of this concern on his part i i think he uses fake news the way donald trump uses it and he used incorrectly hit it donald trump contents our i don't even know dump trump believes this what he contends that there are journalists who say we have sources but they don't they just made it up that doesn't happen that just does not have be one one millionth of one percent of the time that happens if the pope believes that happened seizes wrong it's donald trump but to the extent that journalists are too willing to accept things turn out to be wrong dump trump as the point about that at the pope i believed is speaking as a good man good matt leaves the he believes that poor painful and all over the world are being hurt and being misled by a journalist who someone calls and.

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