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There's been so many people that come and ask for band aids because they cut their thumb up from having their thumb cross over the back. So again, I think it's just going to be awareness and spreading that this is very dangerous. You're handling something that can immediately put out somebody's life and you really need to take it upon yourself to get that education. I agree totally. There are products that are doing a better job, the gun industry is doing a better job at bringing out more products for a lot of different people. One of the movements that we've seen in the last few years are guns. Semi auto is designed to be easier to run. So you have the shield easy. You've got the light rack from Ruger and guns of that nature. A lot of them being, well, you actually have three 80s and you even have 22s that are sort of like full size ish 22s, even revolvers in that way. I mean, what's your experience? What are your thoughts on those types of guns that are maybe a little bit less traditional than just a full size 9? So I know a lot of people try to knock those smaller caliber guns or the different EZs. But I think they're very useful. We have lots of women who come in here with arthritis and you know it's very hard for them to rack those slides. I mean, it's standing impossible. So I think it's very helpful. It's very nice to see that they're coming out with new stuff that is going to be more accessible to different people. Like we said earlier, not every gun is going to be perfect for everyone. Everybody needs their own specific gun for what they're using it for. And what they need. You know, it's funny. So I've shot the shield EZ like when it first came out in three 80. It's not a tiny three 80. And it is so fun to shoot because there's just not much recoil. And of course it's easy to run the gun as well. But it's what people do to their 9s, the regular carry guns. They try to port the barrel or do comps or add weight or do these things, so it shoots flat. Well, guess what shoots flat? Yeah. A380 shoots really flat. Right? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, so what's next for you? What are you seeing your journey as a firearms trainer is this something you see yourself doing in the future? Absolutely. Yeah, I would definitely want to continue doing what I do. I learned something new basically every time I go out on the range, I really want to take some classes with miss vickie farnham. There's a lot of different other female instructors that would love to take classes from and non female instructors, of course. But I really want to just I really enjoy what I do. It's very rewarding. Knowing that somebody comes to me after the class is over and they're like, broke, I learned so much from you, you know? And especially people with renewals. You know, I've learned so much from you. You know, other people teach us some ways and I find it very enlightening to know that I sent somebody home, knowing they're going to dream about these safety rules and how to work with a gun. Well, it's a good point. And I know that you guys and gals at FRC take the training aspect really seriously. So I know sometimes with the concealed carry training or especially renewals, there can be a bit of an attitude of like, oh, you know, this is just we got to check this box and whatever, but I love that you guys are going, no, this is important stuff and we're going to make sure you walk away with some new nugget of information that's going to be helpful orchid keep you safe or keep you out of jail. I mean, that's certainly part of a concealed carry class. It's not the when to shoot and how to shoot. It's the whole legal part of it, which I mean, that's another part that people just have no idea, right? Yeah, absolutely. A lot of people are very, you know, clueless. And rightfully, so I mean, how are you gonna try to deliberately learn about it? But that's a very important part is the legal aspect. Yeah. I mean, there's no shame in not knowing because look, if you come and you're a dentist or you're a Carpenter, I don't know anything about that. And why would I claim to know stuff like that and it drives me a little bit crazy when it comes to shooting training and all that stuff when people are like, they don't want to admit they just don't know. And it's like, why would we expect you to know? It's okay. This is not your world. This is not your 40 hour a week thing. This is what we do. Right. So Brooke, thanks for being with us. I mean, if someone is in the Baton Rouge area, how did they find more about what you guys are up to? So they can definitely go on our website WWW dot FRC BR dot com. They can see our training calendar, see what we're doing. They can always call come in and ask questions as needed. If they're not in the batter's area, there's a miss Marie pace and Lafayette. She works the tactical rose. There's also the range century defense. They can, you know, they can contact these different ranges and they host those classes as well. Yeah. Good stuff. And we've talked about it before, but FRC has a really cool program called the sentinel program that will run you through a bunch of different classes. And then once you graduate, you're pretty squared away,.

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