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It's not Baylor. It's everybody. Freedom of movement died from last year to this year. These games are wrestling matches now. Yes. And I don't blame you. That's what you're getting now. I don't blame the coaches, but while we were all talking about Baylor's defense and we should, you know, Baylor scored 57 points. I know. Villanova's defense wasn't bad. Because they couldn't score. And I'm like, dang, we are back to the games in the 50s again. And that is not good for the game. I mean, I hope and look. I don't blame the officials. I blame the people who employ the officials. And so the rules committee, the competition committee, every supervisor, you have all failed in your failing. We have all failed and we need to admit it, because all this freedom of movement stuff is dead. And that's a bad, that's a bad thing for the game. I thought that I agree with you, Jay. And I thought that I found it interesting that Baylor could beat the villain over team when she is poorly as they did. I think guys like Kendall Brown, 6, 8, long armed, athletic, the way that he can cover ground and race mistakes, even as a freshman was really impressive to me. I got Matt Meyer, Matt Meyer, one of the leading scorers on the team. He goes one for ten. And they still win. So the versatility that they have amongst their wings and their forwards are really impressive and their ability to come around. And I think that's really what makes their defense so good this year because they don't have a guy like Mark vital. Mark Vita was the guy who was erased a lot of mistakes last year with his ability to be able to take charges, you block shots, et cetera. And I've been just really impressed with the two freshmen, including not always his name, Jeremy. Yes, okay. Those two dudes have added an element to that Baylor defense that's been really impressive here early. It's interesting you say vital because my first thought funds was davion Mitchell. How do you duplicate a defense without having that? I'm involved with pressure on the grapefruit and you know they've done it like those guys Villanova I've never seen them even last year against Baylor. I don't think I've ever seen them not be able to breathe. And they couldn't, they couldn't function. And that's really unusual. And they could have played better. I know that they could have played better and they could have handled it better. But I'm not sure who would have been Baylor that environment that day. The fellas, what I think is scary for Baylor, I don't think they're playing as well as they can play. You think about a guy like Adam flagler, for example, Flynn, 40 plus percent 3.0% shooter. This year she like in the mid 20s. And so I see so much room for improvement for the team. So how dangerous are they going to be come marching? We don't talk about, but the ability to switch and keep the ball in front and JTT is not a good ball screen defender. That he can switch, he covers he gets back. And they show. And when was the last time you saw Villanova play where I'll close out people didn't fly around on all those shot fakes in both things. Right. Like those guy, those guys, you talk about scatter report, defense. Those guys closed out hard. And all those shot fakes and ball fakes. They were down and in a state. They were like, they weren't flying all over the place. They make 12 defense across the board and agreed with what Jay said. The defense in the big 12 at a different level. But part of the reason is it's so it's so freaking physical. You know, speaking of another thing that's pretty physical. Arizona goes in Illinois. And wins. Illinois only has four guys score. I want to say that again. The only forecast score. It's hard winning with only four guys who aren't, but Arizona. And I keep on saying this, but you got to give Sean Miller. The roster that he left. Tommy Lloyd, Mather and Kirk Chris and coloco and I mean Cervelo's, I mean, but Tommy has done a great job of taking that and putting it in his own personality. But Arizona down fought its way back, defended. Yes. Man, he is special. And their team is special 'cause that thing never that thing moves. They explode up the floor. I mean, how good do you guys think this Arizona is? I think they're dynamic. And again, as I look back at a team from last year, even two years ago, well, really more last year. I'm looking for improvement. I think I've been putting up big time numbers and he certainly worthy of the comment that I compliment that I'm going to give. But Christian colloquis development from last year to this year has been freaking impressive. This is 7 foot one blocking shots all over the place. And in some ways, in some ways, I used to think he was uncomfortable and awkward when he caught the ball on the post or if he said a run out ball screen and kind of short rolled it. I always thought he was really uncomfortable in that space. And not this year. So they'd get now, you could buy him with the zoos to Bellas, who has the ability to be able to stretch it. Now you have complimentary fours and 5s. And I think those two make one of the best front courts in all of college basketball I've been really impressed. They'll be in the top ten all year long. They've got personnel and they play a style that the players clearly love because they can get up and down and score. But they can it's harder to slow them down, but if you get them in a half court game, they could still execute. And they're tough defensively. I mean, it's very much like what Gonzaga built. And while, well, Tommy Lloyd inherited some good personnel, they're playing a lot different than they did last year. Totally different. So it's a different. It's a totally different team totally different program. And.

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