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Okay so i think apropos to go ahead and talk about bank accounts we're talking about banking ounce so there was it it over the course of a while it tailored been kind of trying to figure out how to change some finances in and uh change some of her bank accounts around and i'd actual bank actual bank accounts yes and that's like mice my thing aside this is my expertise mile area of expertise and i tried to give some advice and um it wasn't accepted and in fact a totally different action based on someone else's advice was the way that um you know at the was the course of action that taylor suck and um and it and it turned out that it wasn't a even way they didn't have the result you'd hope for right and i it was a tough situation because i was put in i had been trying to like deposit in the best way possible by like i was very excited i could get provide my expertise and in the end it made it feel like you didn't feel that the thing i was like very i was i i felt very good about knowing was an important thing right so at that point in time i was like very made me feel bad about myself so it ended up being a withdrawal for yield it was intended to be a deposit but i perceived as a withdrawal and then it also had become a withdrawal free app.

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