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Amusing than shocking. I'm WTO film critic Jason giving see how they run three out of 5 stars. 7 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s back over to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center. All right, finally, some good news in the district first, a crash long-standing inbound south capital street on the Douglas bridge completely wrapped up in cleared and delays have cleared out good news there. Three 95 southbound they finally arrived on the scene of a crash which had been in the roadway for over an hour, that's now been clear from the roadway but the damage has been done, still very slow leaving the navy yard in southwest headed toward the outbound 14th, but at least the pace is picking up just a little bit. Authorities en route to the scene of a crash of 50 westbound the John antonov just before you get to one 97, one of our listeners who was going eastbound said it looked like all traffic was stopped. We don't have a visual of it, but there is a delay that's definitely building up, headed east of three three O one. I should say west of three three O one toward one 97 looks like it is going to be closer to one 97 if any traffic's getting by, it's very little at this time. Now on the bellway, the crash is on the add loop after river road, the crash in the merge lane along the right side still a slowing folks down to lay's begin before the big curve at the two 70 spring year old Georgetown road continuing around past river road toward the American legion bridge before the pace picks up, antelope several incidents from early this afternoon out of the roadway, but it remains slow, leaving Tyson's all the way across the American legion British before that picks up, still some late volumes who Bethesda towards Silver Spring, as well as small business September on WTO, presented by eagle bank, get advice from local leaders on how to navigate today's business climate. Go to WTO P dot com and search small business September, rich hunter WTO traffic. Your forecast with Amelia Draper. Clear and cold tonight after breezy wins today, we do have light winds tonight, and that's allowing our temperatures to fall into the 40s for lows. So a cold start tomorrow morning, but a beautiful afternoon

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