National Football League, President Trump, Jim Trotter discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks


But now we're also seeing when you talk about politics intermingling with athletics, it seems like every week now president political figures asked a question. About. You. Athletic. This week. I think the president is somebody want US sociologist asked about the NBA players play. So you know that's that's all part of it as well. So everything is intermingling, but of course, everything came. To A head when a couple years ago in the president referred to felt players his sons. Okay. That TOWARDA is that building a wall that tour down a wall in terms of having discussions about politics and? The conversation social conversations. So it's not a one way street here and that again, these are these are conversations. That we hope to have what people lot smarter than us. On flow podcast all that's great. This is again for people that are just hearing this. What this discussion is like trust me when I tell you these are two of the most connected guys, the National Football League. So not only are you gonNa hear the great discussions as you here in right now you're gonNA hear. Yes. Hall of fame guests you're GONNA have as I said, coaches coming on early on you're gonNA hear from them as well. It's going to be it's a conversation I. Think's important conversation. It's a conversation I look forward to hearing. From you guys why we have you I want to get you on some some stuff going on right now, the National Football League on the field of were let me start you Jim when when you when you look around the League right now and where we are from Kovic standpoint from a testing standpoint and the low numbers. Give me like a Jim Trotter optimism reading here like how optimistic are you that? We've we've got a pretty good system in place to be able to work through this season. Dj More optimistic than I was at the start of training camp simply because when you know the league said a baseline number four. Positive tests and they are so far under that number in what that says to me is everyone's taking this seriously and the discipline that the players are showing in terms of not putting themselves out there in situations that could compromise their hell. So from that standpoint, I'm I'm more optimistic than I was at the start of can't. Now I. Mean that we haven't gotten to a point yet where teams are traveling or they're staying in hotels were out about for road game that sort of thing stole the numbers could change but after say I think the League. Association and the players have a tremendous job at this point. Everyone that I was talking to beforehand. Nolan, thought that the numbers would be as low as they are right now. So that's a major testament to how these players coaches and everyone else is taking this seriously. Discipline Right Steve that to me. This is a sport where you win or lose based on how disciplined you are, and I've been kind of overwhelmed honestly with how disciplined everybody has been to keep us where we are at this point..

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