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Allison Mack pleads guilty to charges she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for a cult leader upstate. I listen Matt cried as she entered her guilty plea and admitted she was wrong to believe that accused Nexium cult leader Keith Ranieri was trying to help people the act. Tryst faces stiff prison time when she's sentenced. She was featured in the TV show smallville as young superman, close friend. Prosecutors say Ranieri was anything but heroic in his operation of the organization, which they say recruited women as sex slaves, and who were branded with his initials. Jury selection is getting underway in the federal case against the remaining offense, including Rene berry and Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman. Juliet Papa ten wins. News wins news time three thirty five. Manhunt is underway in Brooklyn after a double stabbing believed to be part of a domestic incident. Copsey a man and woman were stabbed around nine thirty Monday morning in a second floor apartment on crystal street and east New York. The man was stabbed in the torso. The woman was stabbed in the face. The victims were rushed to a local hospital where they are expected to survive. Police believe the suspect is the female victims ex boyfriend now arrests have been made. If you have information the police would like to hear from you. Call crime stoppers at one eight hundred five. Seven seven tips that's one eight hundred five seven seven eight four seven seven police in Jackson Mississippi have been the repeated victims of tire thieves folks for the Jackson. Police department told local news outlets that three police cars had to be towed over the weekend after police discovered their weals had been stolen the cars have been parked behind a police museum in the downtown area. And thirty say, they don't know when the tires were taken. This was the second. Time thieves have taken wheels from Jackson patrol car in the last few weeks. A car was left on blocks outside the police training academy back in March after thieves stole tires and rims. Police are continuing to investigate. I'm John Stolnis. Gas prices are rising everywhere. But in California, the prices are skyrocketing. Correspondent Alex stone in California the price of regular unleaded. He shot up almost twenty cents a gallon in the past week in some areas of the state regular unleaded is nearing four bucks. A gallon. Economists seven Bornstein UC Berkley says the blame is on refinery..

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