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Dwell on one issue. As tragic as the issue may be so my job was to create awareness of it and we have through the phone and to continue to advocate in conversations like. This. And in, other spaces to say that. They are people. That are injustices in need to be recognized and need to be remedied Much of a, debate is there about it in Kenya with this. Twentieth anniversary coming up unfortunately it's very, silent there's not much being said about it and I wish that there was. More and I think it's time to revisit it twenty years in still suffering because. I've just given a couple of examples which there on, numerous ones, another film you made is a documentary on the life of the late Nobel peace prize laureate Wangari matai he wanted for her environmental activism? Evokes tomatoes a short science fiction film called pussy do you believe you can straddle. Both genre documentary and. Fiction or do you feel, that your just kind of throw your resources behind one or the other no I think I'm a storyteller I'll also write books in. My time and I will hopefully direct theater in, my time I think stories come in different forms and sometimes they come in documentary form and sometimes they come in fictional form my job is just to be a a vessel for the story to come through And issues as the way that it comes through? Best, but I'm so grateful for. The stories that have been able to, tell meeting your hero in your lifetime is is. Unimaginable and the fact that I was able to make a story in a film about what Gary Matthias was truly. One of the what's what was the highlight of my career well your latest film Rafiki which means. Friend, in ki Swahili It's the first feature film to actually be shown at the Cannes film festival Is causing you a lot of trouble isn't is the coming of age story about two teenagers who all the daughters of two prominent politicians in Kenya who fall in love and, find that their identity is compromised. By conservative society that looks down on lesbian. Not before we talk about it let's just take a clip of the film Hi So you're going to do. Something Get a soda a soda So Of. Course. Thanks This is where? You, hang up yeah usually, hang, out, here black. STAN.

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