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Talk 7 60 wjr. It's Friday. You can say that again. Yeah, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. It's Friday. The 29th day of 2021. There are 336 days left in the year to get it right. Make each and every day count each day is a gift. Even if 2021 is not turning out, at least in the first month as we hoped it would much better than 2020. But I do have belief. I have hope. I have trust. The prayers will be answered, and we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kids will get back to school Kids will be playing sports. People will be going back to work. Commerce will come back again after it was stopped. In an effort to At least partially. Handle the pandemic situation, but it was a publicized virus. I've not publicized, politicized a virus. And that can't be denied at this point. It's just there's so many mistakes that were made, and then we're finding out. They weren't just mistakes. They were just Untruth. I get no one likes to hear the word lies but untruth, Stephen Doctor, Sir Anthony Fauci back in March, saying no one should be walking around with a mascot. That's like the exact thing he said. I'm not making it up. Then we later found that he was just trying to protect first responders by saving the masks and I said then, and I say, Now we are Americans and we are Bright enough smart enough and carrying enough that if he said not to buy the N 95 because of frontline people needed him. And we wouldn't bottom. We would have been told, however, to wear masks. Other masks. Double him up is I always have And or Create our own masks, which many people have done. Didn't need to lie to us about The efficacy of wearing or not wearing a mask. But the pandemic still is affecting all kinds of things and for the second year in a row. Over 19 claiming another beloved Detroit tradition, the ST Patrick's Day parade. Actually the same. Patrick's parade is what we should call it, cause it's not on the actual day. And they had to announce this officially yesterday. President of the United Irish Societies. Might Kelly You did not take this lightly. I know. Good morning, Paul. No, It's so disappointing. However, you know, with things going on with co vet and where we're at, we just couldn't put on a safe. Program for our participants are sponsors for the members and for the people down there watching the parade. Lot of safety protocols that would have had to have been followed at difficult even predict what would be happening on the Planned date of March. 14th typically, you know, drawing of over 100,000 people, one of the largest ST Patrick's Day parades or ST Patrick's parades. In the country. And, uh, I know you've had heartfelt disappointment. You've expressed that But you are a NOP chemist. Michael is I understand, And with the luck of the Irish and then some, you're already looking forward to the biggest and most successful Detroit ST Patrick's parade in your history. Come Sunday March 13th 2022 Oh, without a doubt it takes so much time and energy from people and there's so many vendors involved in their such a huge cost involved. You know it. We're definitely working hard to move into 2022. We think we'll have a historic event. I know everyone missed it on Michigan Avenue. The parade has such a you know, economic impact, and it was felt around the city and it was filled with charitable groups and organizations. You know, that's an important point. The parade raises funds for several Irish charities. What about them? What's happening? Is there anything else that might be happening or away? People can help those Irish charities that generally get helped by the parade and won't be We know thanks to our sponsors and 18. We went ahead and we, you know we couldn't afford to run the parade. So we went to a sponsorship program and, of course for Ford Motor Company and kitsch law firm have been big supporters of ours over the years. And his other businesses, However, you know, we promised to give portions of those sponsorship proceeds to the charitable organizations and we have done a tremendous job of that. We've given over $32,000 to terrible groups, you know, since 2018 as part of our commitment to our sponsors, And it's hard for them. So when these organizations you know these Irish organizations who obviously during the parade, we recognize them for their terrible contributions through the year they raise money at events. And if they can't have those events because the cove it there's limited funds to be donated to some of these organizations. Right? Uh, yeah. This year, you know, even though we didn't have the parade, we made a commitment to, uh, give to four groups. ST. Pat's senior center Bridges beyond boxing. John Kerry does such a great job. With this cultural event, bringing kids from Ireland and sending kids from Detroit to Ireland to box and then the Cappie shins, of course, and then the U. S Scholarship program. We decided that we were going to give scholarships to kids in Detroit. So we're building an endowment building Some funds s O. That can happen. Good for you were putting it on our calendar and looking forward to Sunday March 13th 2022. Sometimes you got to do what you gotta do, My Kelly and I salute you for that. Thanks so much and We look forward to the parade next year, and we look forward to your support Paul and, um, seeing our wonderful event and we'll be there together, my friend. Well, looking forward to it. Mike Kelly, president of the United Irish Societies here on the Paul W. Smith, so W. J. R. 7 14. It's time for our WJR business Beat Jeff Sloan will be with you over the weekend with his startup nation show. 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