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I'm glad you made it there's a one in where he said there's a half bottle of water in there in the bathroom would you do about it why didn't you bring him a sip was it full when you got there oh bathroom water glow all right so here's came works at him and for anybody else who might be wondering you know we're going to get a couple of names of actors and actresses who've hopefully been in lots of movies and then starting with louis c one that last game i'm gonna take turns naming movies that either one of those people's going in if you can't think of when you're out but i play along on this one but each and every one of you has a lifeline the person you're playing for like amy could go to tinker and and louis can go to indiana dray brand and you guys get the idea one time you can go to your lifeline and i just like to throw out a strategy point sometimes it's good to get your lifeline early josh why would it be your life yeah yeah because when you can't think of one late in the game they probably can't either the internet on their phone a friend sitting next to them they're not using the internet but you're right about shit don't use your internet evil come to this show hairs don't don't turn your screen all the way down in between your lex lydia don't worry.

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