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I wasn't expecting it. But it happened, you know? So anyway, So I get the call and I go toe would want to do the funeral pollen Now everything was supposed to be closed. But this is a funeral parlor where The Gangsters usually that have the layout, the bodies and stuff So anyway, it was open. All right. When I go in there, I'm talking to people and everything. They tell me that they had to put the body in the freezer for four days before they had the funeral. So I said why? They said the place had just too much business so that they could not later because of guys like you that zoo much business anyway, so they should just put a picture of Joe Biden. Properly off Joe Biden next to the coffin. Oy, you see that cut out of party Sanders that they're moving around to cut out of Bernie Sanders when his mask and his men's I even seen on not the Italian comedy shows now, But, uh, that's disgusting. What they're doing to this guy. Using them is a prop. They should just send Joe Biden over there because he already is a prop. That's what I have to say. All right, Vincent. Thanks for calling. Uh, yeah, that's you know, you look at these Democratic and he's far left AOC crowd type voters. They're all young, young young young. Did you ever expect we'd end up with the 90 year old Joe Biden 200 year old Bernie Sanders from this crowd, you know, but these old fossils Schumer and Pelosi and the I would these people, you know if you're a young young left wing radical. How would you relate to Schumer? Slimy old bureaucrat like a real machine politician? It's just very it's like the strangest marriage in the world probably will end badly and let's go to mark in New York City. Hey, Mark Market dropped off. Oh, wait. We're gonna find him. Okay there. Yeah, go ahead. I hope you won't be. I hope you won't be offended. But I think you have the Democrats motivation, bond, their shenanigans totally upside down. I think their whole purpose is to keep Trump in the limelight. They gained the speakership of the house. Thanks to him. They came two seats and Georgia they gave control of the of the Senate. And now they have someone in the White House is On Lee. Good aspect is like May he senile And this is what Trump accomplished for the Democrats would be crazy to let him fade away. Absolutely crazy. That's a good point. You got a good point. Thanks for calling. I noticed. You know, I don't really watch Colbert. But I've been watching just to see what he does. What does he do without trump the whole monologue The whole show for Four years is attacking trump attacking trumpeter. So the monologue Last night he comes out and attacks Trump for 10 minutes take. They're afraid to lose this thing. They only exist to attack Trump. They have no other function. No other purpose in life. It's how they breathe by attacking Trump, but we'll get back. That's interesting topic. The Golden Globe nominations. Were announced. This Golden Globes is a total first. You know what? The Golden Globes actually is. This committee who these people are, you'd be shocked. We'll get to that In a moment on 7 10 w O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Barton. All right. Developing story out of City Hall this morning Mark The New York City Health Commissioner, Dr Dave Chomsky has tested positive for Coronavirus says he has mild symptoms and contact tracing is underway. Ah, wondering if that could include Mayor de Blasio's obviously had some meetings with the health commissioner. Taxi drivers and restaurant workers can now get the Corona virus vaccine. Governor Cuomo says local governments can expand eligibility if they want because the state has got some more doses. Dig.

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