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We heard from Crystal Echo Hawk who is the founder and executive director, director of Alumni native and she was on Sunday morning on ESPN radio, and I think it's Really some fantastic insight that she gave as to why everything that we have seen over the last few weeks is all the change that we have started to see needs to involve Native Americans as well. Here she is. It's absolutely imperative and they talk about this review. But there needs to be transparency in this review. There absolutely needs to be a working group of Native American expert and the people that have been leading this movement for decades. You need to have a diverse coalition of native leaders. At the table with the team and the league because not only does there need to be a full rebrand right and do their needs a transparent process around all of this, But I believe they're truly needs to be an apology and a really genuine apology from the team in the league because they have silenced and disregarded native people for decades on this, and if they really want to do this, right if they really want to stand true to standing up against racism and doing what's right than everything from this review process on these to be be done in the right way, and that is Making sure that native people are at the table and it's a transparent process. So crystal Echo Hawk from Illuminated ve Really strong words and as we're talking about the red tails a few minutes ago, it also brings it to mind if you are going to try to do this right and as she talks Courtney about wanting tohave an apology. Frankly for ignoring it as long as they have with the league. Can you name it something that would then honor Native Americans and, frankly go the other direction with that and make it Native American specific, and the problem here is We're all trying to figure out we need to know what is offensive. And what isn't in a lot of ways are the Cleveland Indians offensive Are are the Atlanta Braves offensive? What? Is acceptable. What is honoring some native American people on what is not Yeah, And that's where you and I and other people who look like the two of us Caucasian Americans. We need to be listening and having an open dialogue in a conversation like the reason this is happening now is not new to when this discussion came up when they were taking away. Chief Ally Novak from the University of Illinois mean that was a lot of people are arguing that was a symbolic Symbolic nature to, you know, honor that tribe, but they ended up taking it away and replacing it with the block. I like we, We wonder. Okay, well was who was that offensive to and who do we need to be listening to? As we bring forth this conversation to the table on Dino that when you and I were kind of thinking about this and talking about all the teams that have some sort of Native American rhetoric or tradition, or Sim symbolic nature that they have during game dates, the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium, and they do the time. A Hawk Chop chant, which they know the president of the team. Mark Donovan told The Kansas City Star in an article that we read back from January that the arrow quote the Arrowhead Shop is part of our game to experience that is really important to our fans. Well, Maybe really important to your fans. But is it offensive to enough people where they would need to bring about change like bringing up the Florida State Seminoles? Apparently, there's some sort of agreement there that the seminal tribe you know, by and large is okay with that. So we have to ask. Arts asks, are ask ourselves and ask others around us. What is not right. And obviously because this name in Washington is associated with a racial slur for a group of people. That's the most obvious one. But are there other little things in our periphery that we're just not seeing or not aware of is being offensive or not as inclusive as they could be that maybe we could change, too, You know, include more people in a fan base, not make people feel alienated. I don't think it's that hard is funny. We sit here. And I listened myself speak about it, and I sound ignorant on it. But I have to admit I am. You know, I I am too a decree. Absolutely. And it's not hard to figure out as you just pointed out that Redskins is offensive, and it's literally a slur. But then Indians won't that's talking about Native American people, and it's not. It's not at least publicly indicated to be a slur in anyway, so it's difficult to try to figure out howto best. Go about this. And it's not just about and this is why I really can't stand. People have talked about, you know, making particular Minority groups happy It's not about that in and that's always what's troubled me the most one of the few things that's troubled me the most over the last few weeks. Is that It's really truly not a political discussion. It's one about right and wrong and is trying to just To show people that you are sensitive to their situation, but not even just sensitive understanding as well and learning and and wanting to be more educated on it as well. And I think that's that's where we sit here. I think we have all understood that we need to get more educated. When it comes to these discussions in our country right now, and that's where bringing back up Ron Rivera and where he did have a chance when, earlier in the week he was on a radio station in Chicago when he defended the name Redskins by saying, Well, it's always been the name when he was growing up, and that simply just is well. We're not people who just stay stagnant were not a great country because we believe in the status quo and that it should always be the same. We're evolving. We can be critical week unquestioned, push ourselves a challenge ourselves to be better, So I don't really like that response mean granted Now Rivera's trying to move this thing forward, so it's not a distraction during training camp, so players aren't asked about how they feel for playing with the team. That you know it's kind of in the spotlight of this, but you know, it's easy to do. It's easy to educate yourself about where we don't need to stay the same and need to constantly asks ourselves. Are we doing enough to adapt into move forward? So mean? Tony Dungy in an article that was written by the undefeated talked about, you know just how easy that is Not hard, Especially right now, when you're in the forefront of, you know, kind of this tipping point with It goes beyond racial lines that it's easy to do. Just find name that doesn't have a racial slur at find one that honors a group of people like the You know the red tails in Call it a day. I mean, it's not that difficult. I don't think that a name like that, you know, a name. It's as offensive and we've talked about for decades now needs to be a part of the conversation anymore. Let's quickly here a little bit more from Crystal Echo Hawk out why all Native American mascots need to end? We just think no native mascots period. I mean, I think there's a racialized imagery racialized mascot. No, Absolutely not. There's no way to honor native peoples with a native mascot. It just it can't be done. It cannot really be done in a good way these native mascots on all their different manifestations. It's not just relegated to the Washington but across the board really do cause psychological harm to Native American Children, and they do on the flip side. Really feel bias among non native people write. It has a way to dehumanize native people, and I just think the best thing to do is just get it and I'll eliminate all native mascot. Well, there you go. I mean, that's part of the discussion as well as we continue to learn about this and a cz. We said, wanting to try to honor the more but she doesn't really believe that there is a way we'll have more on this throughout the show. Also up next. Are the Astros getting up getting off easy. All teams report.

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