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Ziggurat interactive buys the rights to blood, rain and advent. Rising from Jessica. On Ziggurat Interactive's website, it describes itself as a new and old video game company. It specializes in remastering old games, and it recently announced some interesting intentions when it purchased the rights to a handful of properties from Moscow. Blood rain was a PS two game cube, xbox era action, third person shooter game series that accounted for two main line games in a third smaller side. Scroll her that released in two thousand eleven. The series follows rain, a vampire woman with bright red hair. Who Really Hates Nazis? It's a series that has been pretty dormant since that two thousand eleven released, but it looks like Ziggurat. Interactive is bringing it back. My friend Brian Shea reported on acquisition for game informer and wrote for blood rain in particular Ziggurat interactive is working with the original developer terminal reality to update the PC versions of the game to improve compatibility and. And, enhance the experience. The publisher is also looking into ways to further explore and expand blood rains, already rich universe alongside blood rains, Ziggurat acquired the rights for raises hell a game where players control a demon like character and fights against a race of doorbell creatures that are secretly villainous flip's twisted world, a puzzle platformer where you can rotate the world and a property I am genuinely excited might be getting a second chance. Advent, rising advent rising is a SCI FI game from donald and Jeremy Mustard who later went on to found developer chair, which released the fantastic shadow complex and the infinity Blade Games these days. Donald Mustard works pretty much exclusively on fortnight. I really liked advent rising at the time of its release, and it's alien invasion story. It also ended with a cliffhanger that I just had now assumed was forever doomed to never be followed up on. I honestly don't think it will ever get a sequel, but I would love an excuse to revisit the game with updated visuals and performance. One of the downfalls of the original game was that it struggled. I remember even an early cut scene having really rough frame rate issues on Xbox, but the combat was really cool. It's a combination of shooting and psychic abilities that were each mapped to separate control sticks triggers, so you could do things like fling enemies to space with the left control, stick and fire off your weapon with the right. I really liked that game and I hope cigarette has some plans for it. The DC fan dome event is promising details about upcoming WBZ Games. In August DC will be streaming a twenty four hour virtual fan, experience event that will dive deep into all kinds of DC comics properties as they pertain to entertainment, so there will be news and interviews about DC movies. TV shows comics and arguably most importantly at least for the purposes of this podcast. Video Games. There aren't any specific teases in the press release for the event regarding games unfortunately, but it does specifically say there will be new announcements from WB Games which quick aside might fall under different publisher soon as it sounds like a t and t is looking to sell off its WB games arm to the highest bidder, but you can learn more about that from yesterday's episode. My high in the sky. Hope for this is we learn what WB Games. Montreal the developer behind Batman Arkham origins is working on. For years now there have been teases that the studio is working on a court of owls. Batman video game, which may or may not be a reboot of the ARKHAM series of video games of all associated rumors that it might be working on Batman beyond game it all sounds interesting, but at this point I just I really want to know more. The event starts early. On August, twenty.

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