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Dumped donna. We're going to the broncos ravens game buddy in vegas this week and he he wanted to ask you. He goes because you know when you under the disguise. I'm from cleveland originally. If you haven't done that but the funny thing is when. I told my boys this weekend i was going to the broncos ravens game. They're like what is the guy not like. You were the ravens browns. And the broncos like put it in our heart like nine times and you guys but has nothing to do with the actual cleveland brown franchise at this point. You just hate the ravens we'll because of the browns originally because the brown sugar gory. Yeah we still hate him because it had. That's why we hate them and they're in our division and they they've win a super bowl twice. You know what. I mean there does does. Does ozzy newsom still work for them. He that's the problem. He's the only guy that went with modell and he's been running that team and he had just gotten the job like he we. He was an ex player. He had just gotten the job as president of football operations. When we were in cleveland. They leave town. He goes he. They got to super bowl. You know why you guys never get your. I don't know if he would want the attention. Because i lived through it. It sucks. you don't wanna be like. Oh the sports misery capital of the world. The reason why you guys don't get the attention is because you're not rivals with new york city. I think that that's why we got what we did. Because was yankees red sox and then like we found a little bit. Because we're a steeler. Rivalry has done an owner considered arrive anymore. The pittsburgh goes even worry about us but we the browns specifically do kind of have that moniker in the nfl. Kinda realm because of that steeler rivalry named one six. But you know what's crazy as if you go back and count. Nfl championships and super bowls combined. We still have more. We have seven. Nfl championship solar ridiculous that they don't count nfl championships because the green bay packers of the yankees have football. Oh yeah they've they've won. In all areas. They had a rough the seventies and eighties. Were rough for them. All right when the lynn dickey yeah years. But even then they had james lofty. Don't want the james lofton and john. Jefferson had nobody throw a ball to one of the worst moves. A player ever made john. Jefferson said he went from the san diego. Chargers air coryell would dan fouls dan fouts and he signed for more money to play in frozen. Fuck and green bay. It wasn't lynn dickey at that point. I forget who what was before the magic whoever the fuck they had in between there they just they just went through a bad period and he said he said if i stayed in san diego jerry. Rice would be breaking all my records. And i'm telling you they'll wasn't line. No no doubt he was. He was unreal him. And i remember west chandler Wes chandler in that strike here with the redskins wanted he fucking. He still had over one thousand yards. That's how much they were throwing it. Those guys only played like twelve games less than that. Do they played like eight or nine. Eight or nine. The i want to say the redskins will like eight and one that year because scrubs played like four of them right or whatever they call them scabs scabs. Yeah anyway that. I find fascinating is just how like certain teams. Just they get new coaches. They get new owners and blah blah blah. But they just still this this thing where they just like. The giants will always just have a great defense. The bears always have good defense but they for the life of them. The bears have never had a superstar quarterback ever. Even jim mcmahon gym man was a personality he was. He was like the downtown. Julie brown of quarterbacks right like more like a socialite. I would put him. he couldn't jump. He couldn't care you on his back in the fourth quarter. I can elway or montana. Wasn't that kind of not. They've never had cleveland auto graham. Maybe would you. Last superstar bernie was tough man. I'll find you gotta but yeah. I mean we had a frank ryan a lot of people. Sipe people forget program. Brian sipe won an mvp. Eighty one almost wanted again in. Eighty two Frank ryan was great. Frank ryan i believe grind site rick springfield saint guy telling you same guy. When am i head. When i think of a for frank ryan though a lot of people don't realize i think frank ryan has the greatest winning percentage of any starting quarterback in the history of the nfl. He came after otto graham but he was winning. Paul brown they were winning. Titles like just winning titles left and right all the time. We've had bill bella check for one year last time. We want a playoff game. The last time we want him to be the new england patriots and bill. Belichick was our coach out in the last time. Ninety four. I was at that. Game wildcard game in cleveland stadium. The last time we have one we who do you like what do you like. What do you think peyton. Manning wes welker. I love that wildly veterans like. We're going to see a forty five thirty eight or thursday night so they can do baltimore gonna put up some points this year. They're going to have to exist. Defense ain't going to be as good as it used to be a ballgame. Yeah but it's flacco that good. Good thinking put numbers like that. I'm not saying. He's not a good quarterback because i think he's he's a qu i didn't believe in them forever and i was wrong. Playoff run man and showed it. But is he. He's gonna go fucking touchdown touchdown against manning. Well maybe not all season long but in this game you know what's funny about manning is like everybody was looking. I'm like was a little fragile china doll and now now that he made the season. Nobody's even thinking about it like he. He one hit. They was showing his spinal cord. This guy could never work again and now nobody's nobody's talking about it long as predicted him to win the mvp award this year. Longest neck sense broken. Merton hanks is another steve grogan to to neck braces just a pile them up. Yeah were they. Have they have all that flesh between the shoulder pad and a helmet like two or three of them on top of each other. We'll see. I think they're going to have they're going to help. This is my my prediction on tim. Tebow tim tvos going to get cut and he's gonna go to. The cfl is going to become a superstar up like doug flutie did and he's gonna come back the end of his career either with buffalo with the bears. Really that's my prediction. He's going to cfl. Yes sir you heard it here and monday morning podcast..

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