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Your top of the hour news update on the new morning show which of Franklinton for Nikki Maduro two women are dead and three others are hurt including a child after a shooting at a birthday party in Vallejo it happened during a child's birthday party in a home near Amelia street and center Avenue in Vallejo just before ten last night it's not known what led to the shooting the condition of the three people who are hurt is not known if one victim reportedly drove himself to the hospital the child who was hit is ten years old a deputy has been shot on the central coast officers are calling in an active shooter situation in the town of Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo county the circumstances are not known but the sheriff's office says the deputy is in serious but stable condition the search is on for the shooter which is why they are telling people living in the downtown area of Paso Robles to shelter in place after a word from the California state school superintendent recently that he would be bringing in new effort focusing on racism and state schools other school organizations are now taking note KGO a tense can McAllister has more taking a good hard look at what is going on in California schools could be one Avenue to attack racism before it takes hold cleaning our own house addressing the systemic racism that occurred in K. twelve schools because our education system is far from immune and in fact is one of the system that is perpetuating racism in our society so we have some disinfectant to do right here in our own house transplant is the chief information officer of the California school board association he tells Chris Merrill on KGO strip.

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