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Donald trump told the new york times today the country reports that he does not have a nuance understanding of legislation and big bills he said quote i know the details of taxes better than anybody better in the greatest cpa i know the details of health care better than most better than most i know more about the big bills than any president that's ever been in office president really wants you to know he knows a lot about the tax bill which means he must know that under this tax bill many people in the middle class in the workingclass actually will see their taxes rise and according to new york times he would save about eleven million dollars on his taxes that's a thirty percent cut and save another four million plus on the estate tax pill eventually i'm joined now by david johnson's pulitzer prizewinning journalist who found dc report dot org he's the author of the making of donald trump also joining me john harwood from cnbc and a veteran of many political interviews with politicians are some curious with john things from that perspective going first to you david your thoughts on this interview well i think this is an extraordinary interview the chaozhou a lot of things about donald the reason he speaks inward salad is that his mind is salad there's no focusing on any issue and knowing anything indepth it thoroughly establishes how donald just makes things up he doesn't know jack about taxes his own accountant jack mitnick told me that i've had lunch with battled them he couldn't follow the tax advice i was essentially giving him he just make stuff up we did get one interesting little detail out of this donald throughout the campaign used what were massively inflated numbers to describe the trade deficit with china and our imbalance and in this interview he mentions three hundred billion dollars a year of intellectual property theft so that seems to explain this made up number that he had and finally we get this notion that he is an absolute ruler donald as always thought it himself as president as a dictator.

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